Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominations are now being solicited for the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Awards. The awards will be announced on July 6, 2013 at the evening banquet at the Kansas City Reunion.

Individuals who will be honored must be nominated. The nomination form can be downloaded below. Deadline for submission of nominations is April 22, 2013.

This award will allow us to share stories of the way C of E has had a huge impact on others, sometimes world wide, through the careers of graduates and former students. It’s not too early to nominate someone.




2013 Class

We are proud to present the Recipients of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Their stewardship of the spirit of the College of Emporia ensures that C. of E. will live on!

Sue Bowden (X71)

For the difference she has made in the lives of all children through her personal mission to protect their health and well-being.

L. Grace Branstetter Corrick (A60)

For her exemplary service locally and nationally to students and their life-long learning

Dale Raymond Corson (A34)

For his lifetime of distinguished service to the field of physics and higher education

Bob Charles Everoski (A68)

For his contributions to the field of astronomy and Masters’ Track and Field Events

Jessamine Ewert Guislain (A59)

For lovingly sharing her gift of music and her dedication to the dignity of all humanity

Ruth K. Keraus (A54)

For the joy she brought to others through her music and her commitment to peace and fairness

Barbara Brenner Mathis (X63)

For her altruism and the joy she brings to the world through her love of music.

Dr. Ben Nassim (A71)

For his research in organic chemistry and for leading ethically with kindness, humor and gusto

Vernon Louis Parrington (A1891)

For his contribution to historical understanding, to students’ thinking and for his independence

Jack W. Rickard (A57)

For the inspiration others gain through his painting, poetry, photography, and storytelling…and for giving life to Presby Pete!

Wadad Saba (X59)

For her lifelong encouragement of students to sing for joy and for sprinkling magic in the air to those around her

Laura M. Schlobohm (A41)

For being a guardian of youth, a remarkable educator, a champion for education

Dr. Dale B. Taylor (X61)

For his pioneer work in music therapy research and his contributions to the understanding of the brain and music as therapy

Harriet Adamson Wilkins (A59)

For her lifetime of service to others and her active involvement in the betterment of our world through volunteerism and leadership

David R. Young (A62)

For his contributions as a music educator to the performance and scholarly aspects of the marching band