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Pictures taken by Duane Hedrickson  (2020)


Next Board Meeting is Saturday, October 7th at 10:00am at the Sauder Center on the Emporia State Campus.  Join us to find out what is going on with the C of E Alumni Association!  We need your input!  


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Summer 2023

Thank you John Acomb!

In the Newsletter a need for a Scholarship Person to write a Thank You Letter to those that donated to the Scholarship Fund has been filled by Steve Mandel.  Thank you for stepping up to this task!


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Dollar Bills

Pay Your Dues

Please send in your dues if you have not done so already. Forms can be copied from the Newsletters posted online and then mailed in to our Treasurer.

Vintage Football Collection

Open Position Historian/Memorabilia

The C of E Alumni Association needs a person to chair the Memorabilia Committee.  Jim Brooks has volunteered to chair the Scholarship Committee. 

Please consider filling this position

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