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Athletic Hall of Fame

THE LEGENDS 1894 - 1950


The legends listed here are a legacy of our history prior to 1950. Since nominations from the early times are quite limited, most of these inductees were gleaned from historical records.

Ames, Lee‚ Chig‚ 1935‚ Football

Chig was the football quarterback and punter, as well as, a baseball pitcher and center fielder throughout his C. of E. career. In the late 1960s while his son, Bill Ames, was enjoying his athletic career, Lee was selected as the honorary alumni coach of the year.

Bertsch, Carl‚ 1926‚ Football

Carl Bertsch was a member of the 1925 undefeated Presby football team. Bertsch was chosen to both the all-league and all-state teams. Carl was selected as the right end on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Bond, Barclay‚ 1924‚ Football

Barclay was chosen for the Kansas All-Star Team and played left tackle on the 1924 football team that lost only one game. Bond was the left tackle on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Cipra, Ernest‚ Cip‚ 1934‚ Football, Track

Cip played when the big football game each year was the Thanksgiving contest against the Teachers College. The 1933 Presby football team was noted to be successful, and that year Cipra was honored as the unanimous choice to be the center and captain of the Central Conference All-Star Team. He also was listed as the center on the All-Kansas football team. In track Cipra established a new school record in the javelin with a throw of 188 feet. News reports later noted how Cipra and Bernie Hinkle were going with a professional football team, the Boston Shamrocks.

Day, George‚ 1930‚ Meritorious Service

In its long football history the College of Emporia remembers one death from a football injury. Freshman George Day of Hiawatha, Kansas, died at Newman Memorial Hospital of a head injury suffered in the annual Thanksgiving Day game of 1930 with KSTC. According to reports of the tragedy, Day, who was playing halfback tried to block a Teachers College player on a punt return. Day's head struck the opponent's knee during the blocking attempt, which came during the first five minutes of the game. The injured player was carried to Mason Gymnasium where Dr. Frank Foncannon discovered the head injury and had Day taken to Newman Hospital. Death came that night, shortly after an operation had been performed in an effort to save his life.

Ek, Donald, 1950, Football, Basketball, Track

Don earned twelve college athletic letters: four in football, four in basketball, and four in track. In 1950 Ek broke the 1928 KCAC track record in the shot. He was the All-Conference fullback in 1949. Not long after leaving C. of E., he was a member of the 1952 United States Navy Pacific Fleet Football Team.

Granger, Wayne‚ Twisty‚ 1913‚ Football

Twisty is one of the two halfbacks on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Grant, Harold‚ Bud‚ 1923‚ Football, Coach

In 1918 and 1919 from an outstanding group of players from Kansas, Harold Grant was chosen to the first Kansas All-State team. In addition to Grant, Jimmy Rink and Rosy Harr joined him on the first All-State team. He was a star halfback playing for Coach Gwinn Henry. Later in Gwinn Henry‚ illustrious coaching career, he said that Harold Grant was the finest running back he had ever coached. As a C. of E. football coach, Grant even surpassed Henry‚ record with a 34-4-1 record and a .884 winning percentage. His 1925 team was undefeated in eight games. Harold is one of the two halfbacks on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Hargiss, H. W.‚ "Bill"‚ Coach

Homer Woodson ‚"Bill"‚ Hargiss earned sixteen collegiate athletic letters in four years at Kansas State Normal (Emporia State University) before becoming one of the most innovative coaches in college football history. He was one of the first coaches in the United States to use the forward pass, shift to an unbalanced line and use the T-formation and huddle while at College of Emporia. Hargiss was football coach at C. of E. when the Presbies defeated Pittsburg State Normal 107 to 0. Later, Hargiss was the head football coach at the University of Kansas for five years and the track and field coach for ten years. He coached Oregon State and Kansas State Normal to four football and seven track championships and is perhaps the only man to coach five world record-holders -- John Kuck, Glenn Cunningham, Jim Bausch, Clyde Coffman and Peter Mehringer. His 1926 football team at Kansas State Normal was unbeaten in seven games and allowed just three points the entire season. Kansas State Normal and the College of Emporia played to a 0 to 0 tie in front of 10,000 fans in 1926.

Coach Hargiss has been inducted into the NAIA Track and Field Hall of Fame. In 1961 he was inducted into the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame. The prominence of the College of Emporia in athletics got its start with the hiring in 1910 of H. W. ‚"Bill‚" Hargiss as its first full-time coach of all sports. Although Hargiss stayed at C. of E. only three years, his teams compiled a 17-6-1 record to start the rich tradition of winning football teams that carried over through the 1960s.

Harr, L.T.‚ Rosy‚ 1922‚ Football, Coach

Coach Harr coached the only undefeated, untied, unscored-upon team in the CIC League to win the football championship in 1928. For that season, he was awarded a silver football that on one side has the names of the players and on the other the schedule with the scores. Harr joined Jimmy Rink and Harold Grant on the first All-State team in 1919. Harr is the left end on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Henry, Gwinn‚ 1923‚ Coach

Gwinn Henry coached C. of E. football from 1918 through 1923. College of Emporia has the only cemetery for the ceremony of burying defeated football rivals. This cemetery is named in Gwinn's honor. As an athlete prior to his coaching career, Henry held world records in 125-, 120-, and 75-yard dashes. He was selected to the 1912 Olympic Team but was unable to participate due to his wife's illness. Newspapers proclaimed him to be the fastest man alive. Gwinn was also the national AAU champion in the 100 and 220-yard dashes in both 1909 and 1910. Before coaching at C. of E., Gwinn coached at Oklahoma Baptist College. After Emporia, he coached at the University of Missouri, the University of New Mexico, and the University of Kansas. For one year he even coached a professional team: the Saint Louis Gunners. He was inducted into the State of Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in 1969, Missouri University Hall of Fame in 1992, and the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in 2009. His family was inducted into the New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame in 1995. Gwinn Henry's children and grandchildren have left an enduring sports legacy at the University of New Mexico, Louisiana State University, Texas A&M University and other schools. The November 18, 1966 edition of College Life reports, Gwinn Henry was a fine Christian and a memorial was presented in his honor by a group of Emporia businessmen on October 29, 1962.

Herzer, Charles Morrison "Hoodoo" - 1924 - Football

Charles was an all-around athlete or :Iron man" at C. of E. He lettered all four years in football, three years in basketball, one year in track, one year in baseball and two years in tennis giving him 11 letters in college. He played golf as well. After graduating from C. of E., he coached and taught history at Kingman, Kansas. He spent a few years in Dodge City, and then went on to Chicago Law

Hinkle, Bernie,1935, Football

Bernie was noted to be a football star during his sophomore year and played in the annual prominent Thanksgiving K.S.T.C. game. Hinkle made second-team All-Conference in the Central Conference that same year. Later, he was honored as the All-Conference fullback in the Kansas Conference. News reports later noted the achievements of Hinkle and Cip Cipra as professional football players with the Boston Shamrocks.

Kopelk, Carl, 1929, Football, Post-Graduate Honors

Kopelk played on those great, undefeated football teams in the mid 1920''s. Kopelk went on to officiating Big Six football games and national bowl games. In 1957 Kopelk was named Executive Director of the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). He died suddenly of a heart attack at his desk in the KSHSAA office in 1961. There is now a Kopelk Memorial wing at the KSHSAA that lists the state championship teams and individuals as being champions. Kopelk is in the Kansas State High School Activities Association Hall of Fame.

Markley, Raymond, Red, 1914, Football

Raymond played left guard on the 1914 C. of E. football team and was selected for the Kansas All-Star Team. Red was left guard on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Mayo, Ronald, Stub, 1927, Football, Coach

Stub played C. of E. football all four years and was selected All-State at the tackle position. Following graduation, he successfully coached Hartford High School to third in the Class BB state basketball tournament and his football team’s record was 15-3. Mayo next coached ten years at Stafford High School where his football record was 75-12-3 including two undefeated seasons. His final coaching position was ten years at Wichita East High School where his football record was 93-22-2 with three undefeated seasons. His wrestling teams there won six state wrestling titles. He was inducted into the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1982. Stub is listed as right tackle on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Meek, Gerald, Bub, 1934, Football, Baseball, Track

Gerald Meek, called "Bub", was raised on a farm in Idana, Kansas. He attended Clay Center High School where he not only won the state discus throw but established a state record. Meek continued his athletic career at the College of Emporia where he gained fame as a runner, passer and punter in football. Gerald was known as the man with the golden toe. The Golden Toe name was not only for kicking but for his ability to cut and shift directions to evade being tackled. In a football game against Wichita University Meek punted 17 times for 584 yards. His longest punt went for 66 yards, but it was the fact that his punts went for quality not quantity that made his fame. He punted the ball six times inside the Wheatshocker 10 yard line, with two of the punts going out of bounds on the one-foot line.

The November 26, 1932 issue of the Emporia Gazette stated the season was now overshadowed with a cloak of gloom because Emporia''s stellar triple threat halfback Gerald Meek had broken his left ankle. But on Thursday, they gave thanks that it was not his right arm. Gerald''s accuracy of his passing arm gave the Presbies a 10 to 6 victory over the Kansas Teachers College in a thrilling grid classic. His passes kept the Hornet''s off guard giving the C. of E. team a well-deserved victory. Meek was a pitcher and outfielder on the C. of team and was a member of the track team. Meek was president of the E-Club in 1933. Gerald went on to play semi-pro baseball with the Abilene Bakers. This team won the state semi-pro tournament in Wichita, KS. Meek played outfield for Abilene and in the state tournament he delivered 10 hits in 18 official trips to the plate and this set a tournament record for the highest batting average in the tournament.

Newsom, A.C., 1930, Tennis

In 1928 A. C. Newsom joined with Charles Studt to win the Kansas State doubles tennis championship. It was the first tennis championship for C. of E. In 1930 Newsom and Studt were undefeated in doubles competition winning the Central Conference team championship.

Parrington, Vernon Louis, 1891, Football, Coach

Parrington, one of College of Emporia's very first students along with brother John Parrington, organized the first C. of E. baseball team and was the star catcher. Leaving C. of E. to finish his degree at Harvard, Parrington returned to C. of E. to teach English, French, and to coach football. At the same time that he was coach, he was also noted to be the star quarterback. In 1897, Vernon became the first paid football coach at the University of Oklahoma. He started Oklahoma's powerhouse tradition by winning seventy-five percent of his games. In 1908 he left Oklahoma and coaching to teach at the University of Washington. Landmarks bearing Parrington's name remain on both campuses. He became one of the most influential literary and historical scholars of the early twentieth century. In 1928 he won the Pulitzer Prize in history for the first two volumes of Main Currents in American Thought.

Replogle, Wayne, Rep‚ì 1926, Football, Coach

Wayne played fullback on the 1926 football team and was selected for the Kansas All-Star Team that same year. The fighting Presbies won seven games and lost only one game that year. Replogle later was a long-time assistant football coach at the University of Kansas. Wayne is the fullback on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Rink, Jimmie, 1923, Football

Jimmy was an All-Conference selection in 1922 and played right guard on the team that went 6-1-2. Rink joined Rosy Harr and Harold Grant on the first All-State team in 1919. He was listed as the best guard on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Rock, Clifford, 1938, Track, Basketball

In 1938 Rock jumped 24 feet 2 inches to set the long lasting and final C. of E. long jump record. It is truly amazing to have a track record stand almost forty years. Clifford also played on the winning basketball teams of 1936-37 and 1937-38.

Schabinger, Arthur A., Schabie,1913,

Football, Coach, Post-Graduate Honors

At C. of E. in 1910, Arthur Schabinger is credited with throwing the first forward pass in college football history. It was thrown in a 17-0 victory over Washburn University. That same year, Arthur scored seven touchdowns, defeating Pittsburg Normal 107 to 0. Schabie lettered in four sports in college and became known as one of basketball’s great coaches and innovators. He won eighty percent of his games and eleven conference titles through his coaching years at Ottawa University, Emporia State, and Creighton University. In 1936 he organized and conducted the Olympic Basketball Tournament through which the first USA Olympic team was chosen. He and five other coaches started the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) writing its constitution and bylaws. He was instrumental in the research, development, and adoption of the molded basketball. He was founder of the Official Sports Film Service that provided uniformity of rules interpretations. Arthur directed that service for ten years beginning in 1946. Schabinger has been inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, the National Football Hall of Fame, the Helms Foundation Hall of Fame, and the National Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. Arthur is the quarterback on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.

Schaffner, D.C,1898, Football, Meritorious Service

D.C. Schaffner was a star end on the first C. of E. football team. In 1902 he became a faculty member and the director of athletics. Dr. Schaffner later became the college president. While president, he declared the 1928 football team to be the best in the college's history. He is credited for his involvement in hiring football coach, Bill Hargiss, in 1910. Schaffner Field was named in honor of this important alumnus, athlete, and faculty member.

Selves, Lester, Bud, 1930,

Football, Track, Coach, Post-Graduate Honors

While at C. of E. Bud was a star running back on the football team and played on the undefeated 1928 team coached by Rosy Harr. He was talented on defense as well and is said to be perhaps our greatest back on both offense and defense. Lester was a star ball carrier in the now-famous 1928 game against rival KSTC on Thanksgiving Day. At that time C. of E. played some of the major schools such as Kansas University. Bud was selected for the All-Conference team and was picked all-state running back for several years from among K.U., K-State, and Washburn players. Selves was an outstanding hurdler in track. He coached under Rosy Harr at KSTC in the early 1930s and then at C. of E. for three years in the later 30s. Bud coached at McPherson and Holton, Kansas, high schools before going to Olathe in 1947. He taught mathematics and coached the freshman football team. Bud also coached cross-country and track. He was inducted into the Kansas State High School Activities Association Hall of Fame in 1978.

Sharpe, Steve, 1939,Track

Steve won many high jump competitions in 1939 and is co-holder of the C. of E. high jump record.

Studt, Charles, 1930, Tennis

In 1928 Charles Studt joined with A. C. Newsom to win the Kansas State doubles tennis championship. It was the first tennis championship for C. of E. In 1930 Studt and Newsom were undefeated in doubles competition winning the Central Conference team championship.

Widick, Ralph, Bud, 1923,Football

Bud was the center on the pre-1950 all-time, all-star list compiled by D.C. Schaffner, Gwinn Henry, E.A. Robinson, and Ernie Quigley.



Addleman, George Russell, Rusty, 1960, Football

Rusty earned the title of NAIA All-American for football in 1959. This was the topping on the cake for Addleman who was one of the best all-around football players in the proud College of Emporia football history. Rusty earned seventeen varsity letters: four years in football, track, and baseball; three years in basketball, and two years in golf. He led the Presbies to the 1959 KCAC football championship. In the Mineral Water Bowl, he scored two touchdowns and kicked all three extra-points in leading C. of E. to the 21-20 victory over Austin College of Texas. Rusty completed his senior football season with 3,729 rushing yards and a new school record of scoring 138 points in a single season. Addleman was invited to play in the Little All-American vs. Big All-American bowl game in Tucson, Arizona, after his senior year. He then signed a professional football contract with Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Packers. He made it to the final cut before being released from the legendary team that included other famous backs Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Elija Pitts, and Bart Starr. Addleman played on the 1960 District 10 championship baseball team that played in the NAIA regional baseball tournament in Omaha, Nebraska, and proved to be one of the very best all-around athletes in C. of E. history.

Allan, Bill, 1971, Football

Bill was an outstanding defensive back lettering all four years. Allan is credited with making 26 pass interceptions. His honors include being team captain and earning an All-Conference designation.

Ames, Bill, 1970,Football

Bill lettered four years in both football and baseball. He was a member of the 1966 KCAC Co-Championship Football team and the 1967 and 1968 KCAC baseball champion and NAIA playoff teams. He was Co-Captain of the football team and President of the E-Club his senior year. Ames, a wide receiver, led the conference in receiving both his junior and senior years. He was Honorable Mention All-Conference as a junior and unanimous choice All-Conference and Honorable Mention NAIA All-American as a senior. Ames is a second generation Presby, as his father, Lee,Chig, Ames, also starred in football and baseball at C. of E. from 1931 to 1935.

Bailey, Joe,1960,Football

Joe played football, basketball, and track and was a member of the 1959 KCAC league football championship team. In the Mineral Water Bowl Game Joe was awarded the outstanding lineman award. When Austin College of Texas was about to score, they attempted a Hook and Ladder play. Joe intercepted the pitch out and returned it for a long gain for the Presbies. In 1959 Bailey was selected first team end to the KCAC All-Conference football squad. As a freshman in 1957, he was a member of the C. of E. league championship track team and was a part of the mile relay team along with Tommy Coleman, Jack Rickard, and Don Schroeder that established a new school record of 3:28.0. Bailey is currently CEO of World Class Strategies Co. in Vista, CA.

Baker, Jerry, 1961, Football

Jerry lettered four years in football and played on the 1959 KCAC championship team as well as in the Mineral Water Bowl that year. He was Honorable Mention All-Conference in football in 1959 and 1960. Jerry was also the co-captain of the 1960 football team. Baker further lettered one year in golf, three years in basketball, and four years in track. Jerry was a member of the 1960-61 KCAC championship basketball team. Following graduation, Jerry entered military service and for two years played corner linebacker with the 8th Army Division. In one of the Division games, Jerry played against and tackled a fellow alumnus: the great Lem Harkey.

Barger, Everett ‚Chip‚ 1974 ‚ Football

Chip Barger lettered in football in 1972 and 1973. He was a Heart of America All-Conference selection in football in 1972.

Beeson, John ‚ 1954 ‚ Football

While lettering for four years in football, John was second team All-Conference in 1953 and first team All-Conference in 1954. He was the top conference punter and extra point kicker in 1951, 1953, and 1954. Beeson also lettered all four years in tennis.

Benevento, Angelo ‚ 1972 ‚ Track

Angelo was on the record setting 440-yard relay team in 1969 and the 880-yard record-setting relay team along with his brother Vincenzo, Francis Doerig and Terry Nold.

Benevento, Vincenzo ‚ 1972 ‚ Track

Vincenzo was on the record setting 440-yard relay team in 1969 and the 880-yard record-setting relay team along with his brother Angelo, Francis Doerig and Terry Nold.

Blide, Keith ‚ 1958 ‚ Football, Post-Graduate Honors

Keith Blide played football on the early 1950s championship football teams. Blide was voted All-Conference center two years. Blide also lettered in track four years with an emphasis on the javelin. He was high school football and track coach at St. Johns, Kansas, for 30 years.His 1975 track team won the state 2A championship. The St. Johns High School track is named in his honor. In 1995 Blide was inducted into the Kansas State High School Activities Association Hall of Fame.

Boban, Phil ‚1953 ‚ Football

Phil was an All-Conference selection in football.

Bodenheimer, Bob ‚ 1957 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

After lettering in basketball for two years, Bob coached high school basketball for thirty-eight years. He won two state championships as head coach and was assistant coach for two other state championships and the only grand-state championship in Kansas history.

Bodnarchuk, Steve ‚ 1952 ‚ Meritorious Service

Steve completed intensive research on College of Emporia athletics and incorporated the information into his master's thesis at K.S.T.C. His writings and his research paper entitled History of C. of E. Athletics were a basis for many of Ed Shupe's articles. Bodnarchuk was co-captain of the 1950 C. of E. football team.

Bowden, Rick ‚ 1969 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

Following graduation from C. of E., Rick developed varied coaching knowledge and skills for nineteen years at Goddard, Kansas. He coached football, basketball, track, and cross-country. His cross-country teams won seven league titles, and his track team won a championship as well. In 1984 Bowden began nine eventful years in the Kansas House of Representatives. He has the satisfaction of knowing that his influence on school finance law has remained viable to the time of this writing. In 1993 Rick was selected as Assistant Executive Director of the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). He has served in many roles there: rules interpreter for football, wrestling, baseball, softball, track; member of the National Federation of High School rules committees for both football and track; the person responsible for management of state football playoffs and state football championship games; and the person responsible for regional and state wrestling tournaments and the regional and state track meets. While a student, Rick was on the football team and served as captain his senior year.

Brown, Dennis ‚ 1967 ‚  Football

Dennis, an excellent running back and punt returner in the mid-1960s, was a starter on offense for two years. Brown was first-team All-Conference in 1966 and was a member of the 1966 KCAC co-championship football team. He lettered two years in track.

Bruce, Bruce ‚ 1969 ‚ Football

Bruce was a 250-pound lineman in the late 1960s and started on both offense and defense. He had both strength and agility and was named to the 1966 and the 1967 All-Conference teams before transferring his senior year.

Bruns, Robert ‚ 1969 ‚ Basketball

While lettering four years in varsity basketball, Bob led the KCAC in scoring his senior year with an average of 27.4 points. He was a unanimous selection to the NAIA District 10 team. Bruns also holds the C. of E. triple-jump record in track, and he lettered on the 1969 golf team.

Burkhart, Lyle ‚ 1963 ‚ Football

In 1959 before his C. of E. career, Burkhart scored 47 points in one Benton High School basketball game. At C. of E. Lyle participated four years in football and baseball and two years in basketball. He lettered all four years in both football and baseball. Lyle played in the 1959 Mineral Water Bowl, the 1960 NAIA regional baseball semi-finals in Omaha, and the 1962 NAIA football semi-final in Oklahoma City. During Burkhart's senior football season he was recognized as the team‚Äôs defensive player of the year. He was selected to the all-opponent team of the NAIA champions, Central Oklahoma State. Burkhart was first team All-Conference in 1962. His baseball teammates remember his wicked knuckleball.

Chai, Willie ‚ 1952 ‚ Football

Willie, a 200-pound football guard from Honolulu, became the first C. of E. player to be named Little All-American. Along with being on the 1951 Little All-American football team, Chai was co-captain on the 1951 undefeated team that won the Kansas Conference. Willie played football all four years, later becoming a high school football coach.

Church, Carol ‚ 1962 ‚ Baseball, Post-Graduate Honors

Carol lettered one year in football and four years in baseball. He was captain of the baseball team and president of the E-Club his senior year. From 1963 to 1967 he played on the baseball team at the Bitburg Air Base in Germany and also coached the team two of those years. While stationed at the Pentagon from 1968 to 1971, Church was selected in 1970 to play on the Unicom Command team in the Air Force Championship. He was then selected to play on the Air Force Team in the All Services championship. After earning his M.A. in Human Relations and Management, Carol served four more years at Alaska Elmendorf Air Force Base where he coached little league teams in basketball and baseball winning base championships in both sports. He played on the squadron golf team for three years and won one base championship. Church was also appointed duty as squadron athletic coordinator and twice won the Commander‚ Trophy for the best athletic program.

Cline, Eldo ‚ 1953 ‚ Football

Eldo was a quarterback, halfback and defensive back in his C. of E. football career. He played on three undefeated KCAC championship football teams. Eldo was all-conference on the 1953 team at quarterback. One year Cline scored 60 points and was 6th in the nation in rushing with a 126 yards average per game. He was a member of the track team for two years

Coblentz, Wayne ‚ 1972 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

Wayne lettered two years in track and all four years in football. He also served as president and vice-president of E-Club. Wayne Coblentz exhibits a pattern in life of many C. of E. athletes whose love of sports and young people kept them actively involved in teaching and coaching. While teaching high school history throughout his career, Wayne has stayed involved in coaching and officiating track and field. Following nine years at Washington High School in Kansas, Coblentz has remained at Linganore High School in Frederick, Maryland. A number of organizations have recognized his leadership in teaching excellence In addition to officiating local, state, and regional Special Olympics, Wayne has officiated over 250 local, regional, state, and international track and field meets.

Coleman, Tom ‚ 1960 ‚ Football, Track

Tommy lettered three years in football, basketball, and track, and was awarded All-Conference second team honors at running back. His speed and quickness helped him to start two years on the basketball team and star in track. In 1957, Coleman helped lead the track team to win the KCAC meet by winning four gold medals In addition to being the KCAC 100- and 220-yard champion, he joined Jack Richard, Don Schroeder, and Joe Bailey on the championship mile relay team that set the school record. That same team also won the 880-yard relay In 1957, Tom won the Emporia State Relays long jump at 22 feet, 11 inches.  In 1958, Tom Coleman was selected team captain and won the KCAC 220-yard championship.

Corcoran, L.J. ‚ 1964 ‚ Football

L.J. started on both offense and defense on the 1962 and 1963 championship teams and played in both post-season NAIA playoff bowls. He was nominated for All-Conference honors in 1963 and was also team tri-captain that year. Corcoran's professional life following graduation found him involved with astronaut training for NASA.

Cracraft, Jack ‚ 1953 , Football

Jack was a starter on the undefeated 1951 football team and was selected to the All-Conference team. Cracraft was a member of the 1953 KCAC league championship golf team.

Craft, Kent ‚ 1968 ‚ Football

Kent lettered and received conference honors each of his three football seasons. Craft was first team All-Conference in 1965. In addition to being fullback, Kent was a leading KCAC punter each year. In two of his three football years, he was second in KCAC scoring. Kraft also played and lettered on the KCAC championship basketball team of 1965-66 and lettered in track that year as well.

Crane, Neil ‚ 1963 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

Neil was a very inspiring C. of E. athlete and coach in the early 1960s. Following two years at a junior college, he started on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. In football Neil was a hard-hitting linebacker and the starting right guard on offense. He was a starting basketball guard when the Presbies were co-champions with Southwestern College for the 1960-61 season. Crane was co-captain of the 1961 football team and co-captain of the 1962 basketball team. He returned as football defensive coordinator and to coach the 1967 baseball team to a conference championship. Neil had a long and nationally recognized coaching career at Highland Junior College and Allen County Community College. Overall Crane coached basketball 30 years, 23 years as a junior college head basketball coach, and had an overall JUCO record of 419 wins and only 221 losses. Crane was selected Kansas Junior College Coach of the Year three times and his basketball teams and players received many honors. His daughter Leslie Crane is following in Neil shoes as she is currently the head ladies basketball coach at Western Illinois University where she has won the most basketball games of any coach in the school's history.

Crane, Rex ‚ 1967 ‚ Football, Baseball

Rex was considered a highly talented athlete at C. of E. and was an All-Conference selection in both football and baseball. He was a strong cornerback on the championship football team of 1966 and occasionally played quarterback He is joined on the Hall of Fame inductee list with his brother Neil Crane.

Crawford, Jr., Ron ‚(Rick)‚1972 ‚ Golf

Rick lettered two years in golf and was the KCAC Tournament medalist in 1971. He won third place in the KCAC Tournament in 1972.

Danenhauer, Bill ‚ 1956 ‚ Football

Bill was an NAIA Football All-American in both the 1953 and 1955 seasons. He was KCAC All-Conference in 1954 and 1955 and co-captain of the 1954 and 1955 seasons. Danenhauer played in the 1954 Mineral Water Bowl. The Baltimore Colts drafted him in 1956, and he played later with the Denver Broncos and Boston Patriots in 1960.

D‚Aries, Gary ‚ 1972 ‚ Football

Gary was All-Conference in football for the 1971 season. Following the close of C. of E. he played at Emporia State.

Davis, Nathaniel ‚ Track

Mr. Davis holds the 3000-meter steeplechase record set in 1969.

Davis, Glenn ‚1962 ‚ Baseball

Glenn played and lettered in basketball for two years as he was on his way to being known as one of the best baseball players in C. of E. history.

 Not only was Davis an All-Conference pitcher, he was a great hitter as well. Davis was recognized as an all-state pitcher with the Rapid Transit Dreamliners to win the National Baseball Congress National Championship in 1961. He played four years of professional baseball in the Brooklyn Dodger organization. He remembers competing in spring training one year with Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, and Don Sutton.

Davison, Gary ‚ 1969 ‚ Basketball

Gary was the leading scorer of the 1965-66 KCAC championship basketball team. Davison was All-Conference his junior and senior years and was also a member of the 1967 KCAC championship baseball team. Gary played in NAIA playoffs in both baseball and basketball. The year following his C. of E. experience, he was chosen to the Topeka AAU All Tournament Team and also served as former C. of E. Coach Bob Johnson‚ Student Assistant Coach at Pittsburg (Kansas) State.

Dehlinger, Charles ‚(Charlie)‚ 1955 ‚ Basketball

Charlie was voted to the KCAC Basketball All-Conference team each of his four years. He averaged 28.6 points per game his sophomore season which remains a long-time record. His other records include highest career average (20.9), most free throws made in a single game (20), and most career free throws made (726). Charlie also lettered all four years in baseball. Later in 1955, he played for the Wichita Vickers of the National Industrial Basketball League (NIBL). At the time the NIBL was almost as big as the NBA.

Derritt, Wendell ‚ 1967 ‚ Football, Baseball

Wendell lettered all four years in both baseball and football as well as participating in track one year. He played on the nationally ranked KCAC championship football team of 1963 and the KCAC football co-championship team of 1966. He played on the KCAC baseball championship team in the Omaha, Nebraska, NAIA championships in 1967. Derritt was All-Conference in both football and baseball his senior year.

DeVilling, F.A. ‚(Skip)‚ 1966 ‚ Football

Skip started every football game for four years beginning with the 1962 season. He was recognized as All-Conference defensive tackle in his last two seasons, and recognized as NAIA All-District 10 defensive tackle and NAIA All-American in 1965. DeVilling was member of the 1962 and 1963 undefeated teams and played in the 1962 NAIA playoff game against Central Oklahoma State University and the 1963 NAIA playoff game against St. Johns University ‚ Minnesota. Skip signed with a Canadian football team following graduation.

Dickson, Steve ‚ 1968 ‚ Baseball

Steve was the starting pitcher on the KCAC championship baseball team of 1968. He was an All-Conference selection and posted a 5-1 season record with a 1.80 earned run average. Steve"s father, Murray Dickson, pitched eighteen seasons in the major leagues winning twenty games one season and pitching in three World Series.

Doerig, Walter J. ‚ 1971 ‚ Track

Francis was a very good middle-distance runner in the late 1960s. He was on the record-setting 440-yard relay team and the 880-yard relay team with Angelo Benevento, Vincenzo Benevento, and Terry Nold in 1969.

Draska, Steve ‚ 1967 ‚ Football, Baseball

Steve was another great C. of E. quarterback. Not only was he a great passer, he was also an outstanding runner. He was second to Bruce Upstill in passing yardage and in total offense. His career totals were 1,268 yards rushing and 5,373 yards passing. Draska also threw for 39 touchdowns and was a starter all four years and was KCAC All-Conference three years. His senior year, he was NAIA District 10 first team and honorable mention NAIA All-American. Steve was the quarterback on the last College of Emporia league championship football team in 1966. He played baseball three years and was All-Conference three years and was part of two C. of E. championship teams. While in college, he was offered a Chicago Cubs free-agent baseball contract but elected to remain in school to continue his football career. Following his college experience, Draska had a strong semi-pro baseball career with the Hays Larks playing in the NBC state tournament in Wichita's Lawrence Stadium. He led the Hays team in batting for two consecutive seasons. Steve also had a tennis career after college winning over 25 USTA sanctioned tournaments in the 35 and 40 age divisions. One year in the 40-and-over singles, he was ranked nationally in the top 100. Draska became a certified USPTA teaching professional and is a USTA life member.

Durand, Don ‚ 1951 ‚ Football

Don was the starting quarterback for four years for the Presby football team. Receiving first team All-Conference honors his senior year, Durand also had the honor of being placed either on the second team or third team all-Conference squad all three previous years. In his four years at C. of E., Don had a punting average of over 35 yards per kick with over 80 punts. In his last three seasons Durand completed 44% of all his passes for over 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. He carried the ball for 628 yards and six touchdowns.

Ebberts, Ray L. ‚ 1956 ‚ Baseball

Ray was an All-State high school basketball player at Tonovay, Kansas, before coming to C. of E. on a basketball scholarship. He lettered four years in basketball and baseball. Ebberts received honorable mention All-Conference honors in basketball and was selected to the All-Conference first team in baseball. Following graduation, Ray coached high school basketball at Lamont, Toronto, and Emporia. He then served as the C. of E. Dean of Students before finishing the 23-year career as administrator and guidance counselor at Burlington, Kansas.

Ebberts, Ron ‚ 1955 ‚ Football

Although his Tonovay High School had no football team, in the middle of his freshman season at C. of E., Ebberts started at right guard. Ron held that position throughout his career and was All-Conference three years on undefeated KCAC championship teams. In his senior year, the Associated Press selected Ebberts to first team Little All-American. Ebberts attributes his success to Coaches Wayne McConnell and Ed McNeil who were strong on fundamentals and discipline. After serving his country as an officer in the Marines, Ron returned to help coach the Presbies to the 1959 KCAC championship. After two more years as line coach, baseball coach, and continuing as a college instructor, Ebberts became the president of the College of Emporia.

Edmiston, Richard ‚(Rich) ‚ 1965 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

After leading Americus High School to a state basketball championship and having started at guard for C. of E., Rich joined fellow Presbies Richard Freeman and Gary Gibb for several senior men's basketball championships for a number of years beginning in 2003. Freeman, who once coached both Gibb and Edmiston, would occasionally drop down to a lower age classification to be on their team. Many of their victories were against former NCAA Division I opponents. Among the successes were winning the Arizona State Championship Tourney twice; the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah, twice; and the California State Championship twice.  With Gary Gibb's team Edmiston won the San Diego and San Bernadino tournaments and twice won the Kansas State Championships. In 2003, his team placed fourth in the National Championship Tournament in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Coach Richard Freeman reports that Edmiston made the winning shot with only seconds left to win the Utah championships.

Elm, Lloyd ‚(Chief)‚ 1956 ‚ Football, Track

Lloyd ‚(Chief) Elm lettered three years in football, basketball and track. In football he played on three undefeated KCAC championship teams in 1953, ‚'54, and ‚'55. Elm played end the first two years. After Lem Harkey graduated, Coach Wayne McConnell moved Elm to fullback. In his junior year he scored six touchdowns, was selected All-Conference first team fullback, and was the Presby team co-captain. In basketball he was co-captain of the team his junior year. Competing in track for three years, Chief Elm never lost a conference meet in the half-mile, mile or two-mile run. He established school records in all three. In 1955 and ‚'56 C. of E. won the KCAC track championship. In 1954 at the National NAIA track meet in Abilene, Texas, Elm finished third in the two-mile run. Due to the poor health of his father, Elm transferred to Syracuse University his senior year and played lacrosse. One of the lacrosse players with whom he played was Jim Brown, who argumentatively is acclaimed to be the best running back in pro football. While attending high school at Haskell Indian Institute in Lawrence, KS, Elm was the Kansas State High School mile champion in 1953 and established the Haskell mile track record. This Haskell record was broken by the great Billy Mills. Mills later became the 1976 Olympic champion in the 5,000-meter run.¬† Today Elm and Mills remain close friends. Presently, Dr. Elm is a professor at State University of New York at Buffalo.

Franklin, Leroy ‚ 1962 ‚ Track

Leroy was a fantastic middle-distance runner for C. of E. in the early 1960s. He won many quarter-mile races and is listed as a record holder on the C. of E. mile relay team (3:26.3) and the sprint medley relay team (3:34.6), both set in 1962. The other members of the record setting mile and sprint medley relay team were Tom Parsons, Ned O'Mara and Royce McClanahan.

Freeman, Richard ‚(Rich)‚ 1959 ‚ Basketball, Post-Graduate Honors

Rich earned twelve letters in the three sports of basketball, tennis, and track. Not only was Freeman an All-Conference guard in basketball, but he also won numerous senior men's basketball tournaments, often playing against former NCAA Division I opponents. (At the time of this writing in 2009, Freeman is over seventy years of youth and still playing basketball in the seniors program.) Sometimes, he has jumped down in age groups to team with two players that he had coached in both high school and college: Gary Gibb and Richard Edmiston.  After coaching Gibb and Edmiston to a state basketball championship at Americus High School, Coach Freeman was Bob Johnson's assistant coach at C. of E.


With every successful college team there is that twelfth person on the football team, that sixth person on the basketball team, that tenth person on the baseball team and that extra player in each of the sports we recognize in the book; College of Emporia had that extra player. That player was more than one; it was the cheerleading squad who led the large contingents who were always there to support the team. They played an important role in the success of the College of Emporia teams as did the loyal following of students. The following individuals will be recognized in the College of Emporia Hall of Fame. They are listed by their maiden names as we knew them in college, with their married name in parentheses.

Avellino, Lynda ‚ 1968 ‚ Cheerleader

Lynda was a cheerleader at C. of E. for two years. She was a member of the homecoming court her junior year and senior year.

Beeson, Barbara (Lawrence) 

1954‚ Cheerleader

Barbara reports, "I came to C of E thinking I would major in cheerleading. My dad, Irwin Beeson, was a cheerleader in his C of E days, and had taught me the Alla Rah when I was very young so I thought I was all set to have a great career jumping up and down and screaming in front of the student body on game days. When I realized this wasn''t a viable career path, I resigned myself to the fact that this would be my weekend recreation for the next four years. And what fun it was! It was no problem to work up enthusiasm and spirit for the games among the kids because we had such good teams at this time, and everyone was on board to make sure the teams knew we were behind them 100%."

"One big problem I had, however, was that my voice lessons were on Mondays, and even after two days rest my voice was shot and Don Jones would just shake his head and suggest we try another time.  There is no doubt that some of the happiest times I had at C of E were when the team would come out on the field or the court and we would start the Alla Rah. Ein Zwei Drei, y''all."

Barbara served 12 years in the Kansas Legislature: four years as a State Representative and eight years as a State Senator.

Beeson, Irwin ‚ 1926 ‚ Cheerleader

The 1924 Alla Rah notes that Irwin Beeson was joined by Hall Hibbard as the only cheerleaders. The Alla Rah provided a great write-up: "One thing is certain, that no one could get any more noise and fight out of a student body than do Irwin and Hall. These lively pep instillers were elected at the beginning of the year when the enthusiasm of the school was at a low ebb....they began a systematic campaign, a regular ''Million Movement'' for pep. And let''s add, they got it." We may kick about our classes, we may kick about our lessons and grades, we may even kick about our professors, but when it concerns our cheerleaders, C. of E. has no kick coming."

Burt, Connie (Pryor) 

1970‚ Cheerleader

Connie was a cheerleader for four years while at C. or E. She was a member of PEMM (physical education), and was listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities.

Burt, Lynda ‚ 1969‚ Cheerleader

Lynda was a cheerleader for two years and was a member of Student Senate in 1966.

Cattani, Betty Jo (Stromgren)

1955 - Cheerleader

Betty Jo was a pep club member four years and elected cheerleader three years. She was the Modern Language Club president and the senior class vice president. Cattani was a member of chorale, C. of E. Players and served as the business manager. She was a member of WRA as well as a member of the Psychology Club.

Cestare, Kathy ‚ 1964 ‚ Cheerleader

While at C. of E., Kathy was a cheerleader for three years.

Cheadle, Claudia (Clark)

1965‚ Cheerleader

Claudia attended College of Emporia for four years and was selected to represent the college as a cheerleader her junior and senior years.

Conkling, Barbara (Hanlon)

1973 ‚ Cheerleader

Barbara was a cheerleader for three years 1969-1972 and was co-captain of the squad. She did not cheer her senior year due to her commitment to student teaching. She attended C. of E. four years, graduated second in her class, cum laude in 1973 and was on the Dean's list. While at C. of E. she was involved with Student Senate, Student Activities Committee (Treasurer), Council for Student Life, 5-5-5 Committee (Secretary-Treasurer), the Alla Rah Yearbook staff, Student Endowment Club, Student Education Association and the Dunlap Hall House Council (Vice President). She was a member of the Homecoming Court, played in the annual powder puff football games and was listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. She has many fond memories of her years at C. of E.

Eccles, Bronwyn ‚(Bron) (Hutchinson) ‚ 1968 ‚ Cheerleader

Bronwyn was elected cheerleader at C. of E. her junior and senior years. While at C. of E. she was on the honor roll. She graduated from C. of E. with a bachelor's degree in English and from Kansas State University with a master's degree in education. Her first teaching job was at Lowther Junior High School in Emporia and later she was an English professor at Cloud County (Ks.) Community College. Bronwyn had also been in charge of the library for the Abilene (Tex.) News Reporter, office manager for the Concordia (Ks.) Blade-Empire and the Manhattan (Ks.) Mercury newspapers, where she became assistant to the publisher.

Fogg, Chris ‚ 1964 ‚ Cheerleader

Chris was a cheerleader for three years.

Griggsby, Dinah ‚ 1967 ‚ Cheerleader

Dinah was a cheerleader for two years and served as head cheerleader in 1966. She was also homecoming queen in 1966.

Hibbard, Hall ‚ 1925 ‚ Cheerleader

Hibbard was a cheerleader along side of his classmate and cheerleading partner, Irwin Beeson. They led cheers in the 1923-24 and the 1924-25 school years. In those days, there were only two cheerleaders, and they were always men. They needed to work hard since they were the only two. 

The Alla Rah reported: "Lets hear the old fight yell, make it big," thus sings out Beeson, and Hibbard would come in with, ''Let''s lift the roof." One thing is certain, that no one could get any more noise and fight out of a student body than did Irwin and Hall. They planned stunts, accepted suggestions, which sometimes is hard to do, and when nothing else seemed to offer itself they performed beautifully themselves.

Higgins, Pat (Rankin)

1951 ‚ Cheerleader

Pat attended the College of Emporia in 1950-51. She represented the school as a cheerleader both years. While attending C. of E., she also participated in the drama club and chorus. After leaving C. of E., she received her B.S. degree in Education at Baker University in 1961. She received her M.S. degree in education from the University of Kansas in 1972. Pat was recognized for her outstanding teaching by receiving the Master Teaching Award, District 231. She also extended her teaching career as a teaching assistant at K.U. in Educational Psychology. After 60 college hours beyond her Masters Degree in School Psychology, she spent her last years in education as a school psychologist. For 28 of her teaching years Pat owned and operated ladies‚ boutiques "Pat Place." in Gardner and Olathe.

Hoover, Doxie (Keller) ‚

1954 ‚ Cheerleader

While at C. of E., Doxie was a cheerleader for four years.

Isaacs, Janice (Dungan) ‚

1970 ‚ Cheerleader

Janice was elected cheerleader for three years while at C. of E.

Jones, Jerilynn (Henrikson) ‚

1965 ‚ Cheerleader

Jerilynn was a cheerleader for two years. She was also chosen as the 1964 Homecoming Queen.

Lee, Janice (Hardesty) ,

1957 ‚ Cheerleader

Janice was elected cheerleader throughout her four years at College of Emporia. Not only was Janice a cheerleader, but she was also elected senior attendant for the 1956 homecoming festivities. Janice served as an officer of the Women's Pep Club, served on the Dunlap Hall House Council, and was a member of the Future Teachers of America. She earned her Master of Library Science Degree from Emporia State University in 1980 and became a member of the Beta Phi Mu (International Library Science Honor Society).

Love, Jane ‚ 1969 ‚ Cheerleader

Jane was elected cheerleader for two years while at C. of E.

Lunsford, Laura Mae (Schlobohm) ‚ 1941 ‚ Cheerleader

Laura represented the College of Emporia as a cheerleader from 1937-1939. Laura was the first girl cheerleader and only female on the squad in 1937-1939. In addition to Laura, there were two male cheerleaders. Transportation was not provided for the cheerleaders, but her father drove her to every away game. When asked about the showmanship that now permeates the cheering squads, her reply was "Oh, no. No pyramids or dances--it was leading cheers to involve the Presby Pete supporters. It was a duty to lead not to present a show. Her fondest memories are of the burials at Gwinn Henry Cemetery. In 1940 she became the editor of COLLEGE LIFE a position she held for the following year also. Laura was a member of the Acapella Choir and she was a member of the theater department, appearing in several plays while she attended C. of E. Laura''s involvement in education was rewarded when she was inducted into the Kansas State High School Activities Association Hall of Fame. In 1989 she was inducted into the Kansas Speech Teachers Hall of Fame, as well as, being recognized as the Outstanding Speech Teacher of the Year. Additional recognition was given to Laura when she was recognized as the Department of Corrections Volunteer of the Year.

Maracson, Casey ‚

1973 ‚ Cheerleader

Casey was a cheerleader for three (1971, 72, 73) years. Casey, with a group of friends revived the male cheerleader in the waning years of College of Emporia. In the early years of C. of E.'s existence, cheerleaders were male. Just before it closed its doors, again the male cheerleader emerged.

McMillan, Phyllis (Powell) ‚

1961 ‚ Cheerleader

Phyllis was a cheerleader at C. of E. for two years from 1958-1960. She was head cheerleader her second year as cheerleader. Majoring in sociology with a minor in music at C. of E., she had the lead in an opera, 'Bastien and Bastienna‚' and sang in the traveling chorale. She was co-captain of intramural swimming. She worked in the dormitory dining room and as an aide for Dean of Women Irene Akin. She married Steve Higgins, Class of '61, her senior year and they have two daughters, Angela and Tamela. They lived in 12 states with 40 moves and had interesting job locations at Yellowstone National Park, YMCA Conference Grounds at Estes Park, CO., Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO., IRS in Washington D.C., University of Maryland, and Overseas Crusades, CA.  Steve later became ATF Director in Washington D.C. She met Texas Aggie husband, Jay Powell, at Lockheed Martin, CA., from which they both retired. Phyllis mentions that the years have gone by so fast and lists some interesting highlights of her life: singing in the choral group in the Ann Margret show at Wolf Trap Farms in Virginia, climbing two famous peaks Longs Peak in Colorado and Half Dome in Yosemite, and of course, her four years at C. of E.

Meriwether, Tricia (Bond) ‚

1965 ‚ Cheerleader

Special to Tricia was the enjoyment of being a cheerleader during the outstanding football and basketball seasons of the 60s. Especially memorable to her were the prominent two undefeated seasons with scores in the 50s and 60s and the two NAIA playoff games. She also edited the yearbook two years before beginning a 32-year career in elementary education.

Newton, Linda ‚ 1971 ‚ Cheerleader

Linda was a cheerleader for two years. She was also a member of the Spanish Club, Student Court, S.E.A. and Alla Rah staff.

Novick, Elena (Lee)‚

1967 ‚ Cheerleader

Elena (Lee) represented the college as a cheerleader for two years.

Plinton, Ursula (Weng) ‚

1966 ‚ Cheerleader

Ursula was a cheerleader for two years and was a member of the homecoming court in 1966.

Pollock, Debbie ‚ 1973 ‚ Cheerleader

Debbie was elected cheerleader for two years. In addition to cheering, Debbie was a member of the chorale and the Toppers.

Ober, Nancy (Woodbury) ‚

1962 ‚ Cheerleader

Nancy was a cheerleader her sophomore, junior and senior year. She was junior class homecoming attendant and was Homecoming Queen her senior year. While at C. of E. she was a member of SNEA, Chi Alpha, Presby Peppers, Chorale, Student Commission and the Alla Rah staff. She was class secretary her senior year and was a four-year honor student. After graduation she became a high school teacher.

Romero, Louise (Trujillo) ‚

1960 ‚ Cheerleader

Louise was elected cheerleader four years at College of Emporia. She was a head-cheerleader for two years. Louise was a homecoming attendant her sophomore year and was elected homecoming queen her senior year. In addition to representing College of Emporia as a cheerleader, Louise was a member of Chi Alpha (Freshman), C. of E. Chorale (Freshman/Sophomore), Women's Recreation Association (Sophomore/Junior/Senior), Student National Educator's Association (Sophomore), Chapel Choir (Junior), Senior Class Secretary, House Counsel (Senior), Kappa Omicron Phi (Senior).

Memories of Being a Cheerleader:

  • We wore skirts below our knees.

  • When I tried out for cheerleader my freshmen year, completing my routine to leave the stage, there were lots of whistles and laughter. My skirt stayed up and my legs and hiney were exposed. (Maybe this was the reason I got it for cheerleader!)

  • Learning the Alla Rah was hard and putting moves to it was just as difficult.

  • In my four years as cheerleader, I don't remember any of us having any quarrels about any moves, etc. But, I do remember having to sit with the football team, at the request of Coach Schnebel. He wanted to make sure we knew what to cheer when we did or didn‚Äôt have the ball. Example: I don't want you cheering "Push them back, push them back, way back‚" when we have the ball.

Rundell, Gayle (Sleznick) ‚

1961 ‚ Cheerleader

Not having the nerve to try out for cheerleader in high school, Gayle decided to try it her freshman year. She was voted cheerleader all four of her years and remembers learning the rules to football so she would know which would be appropriate yells. Following our tradition, Gayle wore the red beanie required of all freshmen until the first football victory. She remembers a downpour at the first football game that washed the red dye from her beanie into her hair. The football team celebrated a huge victory over Wichita's Friends University, but she had pink hair for a week. She remembers the basketball coach looking into her Modern Dance class and being so impressed with the warm-up exercises that he recruited her to lead the basketball team. She remembers that "leading a whole team of great guys was a girl's dream come true."

Skorburg, Russ ‚ 1955 ‚ Cheerleader

From 1952 through 1955 Russ led cheers for the outstanding athletes of that era. In addition to being a member of the cheering squad, Russ served as Junior Class President and was a three-year member of the C. of E. Players. Preparing for his career, Skorburg served as student pastor at the Matfield Green, Kansas, church. Following his 1958 graduation from San Francisco Seminary, Russ was ordained as pastor of the Presbyterian Church and served a moderator of two presbyteries, Vice Moderator of Synod, and Stated Clerk of two presbyteries.

Spencer, Sharon (Stewart) ‚ Cheerleader ‚ 1964

Sharon was voted to represent College of Emporia as a cheerleader all four years. She gave countless hours in practicing, leading cheers, and in mentoring other cheerleaders. Sharon also received the Athena Cup as a senior. Her success in leadership continued after graduation. While teaching in the Emporia School District, she served on multiple curriculum committees during her 35-year career. Her business, The Sunflower Nook Gift Shop, was voted the best gift shop in the Flint Hills for five successive years, and the Emporia Chamber of Commerce has recognized her as a member of their Leadership Emporia Class.

Swartz, Diane (Nixon) ‚

1966 ‚ Cheerleader

Diane helped lead Presby cheers her sophomore and junior years before knee surgery kept her from a third season. She also served on the House Council for Dunlap Hall and the Student Council. Diane was Class Secretary her junior year and a member of the band. She excelled in academics, making the Dean's honor roll, and was on the President's List her senior year. She has retired after 30 years as an elementary school teacher and she and her husband enjoy family, grandkids and traveling. She notes that the memories last forever: the filled stadium and people lining the field, the freight train ride on a park bench with fellow cheerleaders and Presby Pete to the Minnesota NAIA playoff game, the chants of ‚'Touchdown!' 'Let's go Toe!‚' ‚'C. of E. fights and wins and buries!' 'KCAC that‚s C. of E.!' 'NAIA all the way!‚' and 'We‚Äre #1!' After all these years, Diane can still hear, "EIN ZWEI DREI!‚" Diane's two brothers Bill and Ron played football at C. of E. and are also being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Williams, Zelodius (Chee Chee)‚ 1970 ‚ Cheerleader

Chee Chee was a cheerleader at C. of E. for four years, from 1966-1969. She was selected Homecoming Queen in 1969. Chee Chee was also a member of the Young Democrats, Student Court and Student Activities Committee. After graduation she pursued a career in journalism, first as a reporter at KMBC-TV in Kansas City, Mo. And then WABC-TV in New York. She also worked as a contributor for NBC-TV's Today Show. Her next career was in the non-profit arena, working for Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition as executive director of the Wall Street Project in New York. Her third career has been as a real estate developer in Atlanta. Chee Chee reports that she is the proud mother of Samantha, Donn and Kathleen, all college graduates and wonderful human beings.

Gaines, Willie , 1955 ‚

Football, Track

Willie earned All-Conference honors as he played on three successive, undefeated football teams through 1954. As Willie raced to the end zone, the spectators would cheer, All the way,  Willie's amazing speed that made him so great in football kept him undefeated all four years in the 100- and 200-yard dashes in track. He set the 100-yard dash record in 1953 at 9.7 seconds. He set the 220-yard dash record in 1954 at 21.7 seconds. Gaines also competed on the mile relay team. In 1954 at the NAIA National Track Championships held in Abilene, Texas, Gaines made the finals of the 100-yard dash finishing just behind Bobby Morrow of Abilene Christian College. Morrow's time of 9.3 set a national record, and Morrow went on to win three gold medals in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.

Gaul , Wayne ‚ 1969 ‚ Track

Wayne was a long distance runner at C. of E. and holds the track record for the three-mile run. He set the record in 1969.

Gibb, Gary ‚ 1966 ‚ Basketball

Gary lettered four years in basketball and was a KCAC All-Conference guard his senior season. He led the KCAC basketball championship team of 1965-66 in scoring and was also co-captain that year. He played on the KCAC baseball championship team of 1966 and led the 1965 and 1966 seasons in batting average. Beginning in 2003, Gibb joined fellow Presbies Richard Freeman and Richard Edmiston for several senior men's basketball championships. Many of their victories were against former NCAA Division I opponents.

Gilmore, Thomas (Tom) 1957 ‚ Football, Post-Graduate Honors

Tom lettered all four years in football and was named NAIA All-American in 1956. He also participated in tennis and track. Gilmore was noted as a Teacher of the Year in 1967, 1971, and 1975. He was inducted into the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame. He helped coach high school football teams that won state championships in 1977 and 1982.

Golson, Charles ‚ 1974 ‚ Basketball

Charles Golson came to the College of Emporia in 1970 and in three years was one of the final great stars to play basketball for C. of E. The new Heart of America Conference was formed in the Kansas City area, and C. of E. was a charter member in 1971. Golson was All-Conference on two Heart of America championship teams with the team winning thirteen of fourteen league games. Although Charles finished his competition in three years, he finished his career second in all-time scoring with 1518 points and has the record for the most points scored in one season with 654 points. Golson set school standards in most career field goals: 651; most career rebounds: 1244; most rebounds in a season: 654; and most rebounds in a game: 35. Charles scored 44 points in one game and 43 in another. He teamed with Jim Young to give C. of E. the one-two scoring punch to average 85.8 points per game for the 1971-72 season.

Harkey, Lem ‚ 1954 ‚ Football

An All-Conference and All-American football player, Lem was fullback on the football team that was undefeated for three straight years ending with his senior 1953 season. That year he led the nation in rushing with 168 yards per game. Harkey averaged 130.9 yards per game for his four-year career. During his career, he gained 4,320 yards on 523 carries for an average of 8.2 yards per carry. For ten years his career-points scored remained a school record totaling fifty-seven touchdowns and 345 points. In 1955 Harkey was drafted in the sixth round by the Pittsburg Steelers and played one season. Later, he played football in the army.

Hart, John ‚ 1954 ‚ Football

John was an All-Conference football player in 1951 and 1952 as a defensive back. On offense John was a back-up quarterback. He lettered his last three seasons in football and was a member of the 1951 and 1953 KCAC undefeated championship football teams. Hart lettered all four years in baseball, and he lettered two years as a member of the golf team. In 1967 Hart was given the Governor‚Äôs Citation for Distinguished Service to the Youth of Illinois.  In 1972 he was given the Sam Belfor Civil Libertarian Award in Peoria, Illinois.

Heintzelman, William (Bill‚)‚

1966 ‚ Football

Bill lettered four years in football and was unanimous All-Conference selection for two seasons. Heintzelman played defensive end in two post-season bowl games. Coach Bob Johnson once stated, ‚"Heintz is one of the toughest football players that I have ever coached." It was noted that many teams chose not to run plays to Bill's side.

Higgins, Maurice (Lefty)‚ 1961 ‚ Basketball

Lefty lettered two years in basketball and was co-captain of the championship basketball team of 1960-61. At the end-of-season basketball banquet, Higgins was recognized as the most inspirational player. He also lettered in tennis in 1959 and 1960. Higgins was the ace on the tennis team and had a very powerful left-handed serve. Lefty's post-graduate endeavors included work at NASA and the Department of Defense. He received the Presidential Meritorious Service Award in 1984, received the Presidential Distinguished Service Award in 1988, retired as Deputy Program Executive Officer for Naval Tactical Aircraft in 1991.

Horn, Richard (Rich)‚ 1963 ‚ Football

Horn, a local athlete from Emporia, lettered in football his freshman year before entering the Army for two years. He returned to letter three more years playing both offensive and defensive end. Horn played on the 1959 Mineral Water Bowl team. His ability to run precise pass routes and catch the football made him instrumental in helping Bruce Upstill start his record-setting career. Rich, an outstanding defensive end, was selected to the second-team KCAC All-Conference roster as an offensive end. Rich helped coach the receivers for the championship 1962 season

Howard, Steve ‚ 1974 ‚ Baseball

After quarterbacking alumnus Larry Taylor's Shawnee Mission North High School team to great success, Steve traveled down I-35 to play quarterback at C. of E. He lettered all four years in football and in each of his three baseball seasons. Howard received All-Conference honors in 1971 for baseball. His junior year was the final season of C. of E. baseball. He followed his playing career with a long coaching career in several sports at Shawnee Mission North High School and Harmon High School.

Howland, Clarence (Clancy)‚

1958 ‚ Meritorious Service

Clancy lettered in football and track in the mid-1950s and played in the 1954 Mineral Water Bowl. Howland was also a member of the KCAC championship track teams of 1954 and 1955. He has always been a strong supporter and contributor to C. of E. athletics as well as being a vital part of the C. of E. Alumni Association. Howland contributed much information to the C. of E. Athletic Hall of Fame booklet.

Howland, John (Scat)‚ 1966 ‚ Football, Track, Post-Graduate Honors

John lettered all four years in football and track, and three years in basketball. He was All-Conference in football two years and was honorable mention NAIA All-American his junior year. John also set records in track. Following graduation, he won a number of Master's National Championships in track and qualified for the Master's World Games in 1974 with a personal best pole vault of 15‚'1". Howland also received a contract to play professional football with the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League and had a free-agent tryout with the Denver Broncos as a kick-off and punt returner. This 148-pound scatback also received the President Laughlin Athletic Award in 1966.

Ikwild, Rick ‚ 1970 ‚ Baseball

Rick was a starter for the 1968 KCAC baseball championship team. He also played in the NAIA regional competition in St. Joseph, Missouri. Ikwild was an All-Conference selection and had a batting average of .324.

Isaacs, Neal

1961 ‚ Baseball, Football

Neal was our baseball team's starting catcher throughout his four years at College of Emporia and was selected All-Conference in his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons. Neal was a driving force on the 1960 team that won the NAIA District 10 championship. After defeating Washburn to win the Kansas District baseball title, the team advanced to win third place in the Omaha, Nebraska, NAIA tournament. He had a career batting average of .412. Following graduation, Isaacs played three-plus years of professional baseball in the Yankee organization in the Carolina and Florida minor leagues. He then played semi-pro baseball for the renowned Service Auto Glass team of Wichita, Kansas and in 1964 the team won the National NBC championship. While at C. of E., Neal also participated in football all four years. He was a starter at right offensive guard and lettered three years. While being chosen for All-Conference honors his last two seasons, he was also part of the 1959 KCAC championship football team that won the Mineral Water Bowl 21 to 20 over Austin College of Texas.

Johnson, Robert (Bob)‚

1960-1966 ‚ Coach

Basketball Coach Bob Johnson made an extraordinary impact on The College of Emporia and the basketball world in general. From 1960 through 1966 he was head basketball coach and served also as assistant football coach and head golf coach. Bob finished his successful coaching career at Pittsburg State University. He was voted NAIA District 10 Basketball Coach of the Year four times, NAIA Area Three Coach of the Year once, and was also NAIA Golf Coach of the Year two times. Coach Johnson was a member of several NAIA committees over the years and was elected to the Kansas Basketball Hall of Fame in 1986 and the NAIA Hall of Fame in 2007.

Jordan, Lew ‚ 1974 ‚ Basketball

Lew was a starter and All-Conference selection for the 1972-73 basketball seasons. It was during this time that C. of E. transferred to the Heart of America conference and was its basketball conference champion.

Karr, Bob ‚ 1959

Post-Graduate Honors

As an Americus High School graduate who had never played high school football, Bob Karr played football throughout his four years at C. of E. and was a member of the 1955 undefeated KCAC championship team. Following graduation, he was recognized as a highly successful coach for thirty-eight years--thirty-one in high schools and seven in colleges. While spending a number of years as an assistant football coach, he excelled in coaching track and cross-country. He coached at Madison, Eudora, El Dorado, Shawnee Mission North, Seaman, and Emporia high schools. Karr coached two years at C. of E. before another five years at Winfield's Southwestern College. As an El Dorado assistant football coach, he coached the future KU football star, All-American quarterback and Chicago Bears quarterback Bobby Douglas. For two years he assisted Coach Larry Taylor's Shawnee Mission North football team. During one of those years the Shawnee Mission North Indians won the state football championship. Bob coached the 1979 Seaman High School boys to a state cross-country championship. At Emporia High School he coached the 1988, 1991, and 1993 cross-country teams to state championships. 1994 found him leading yet another team to a state championship: the Emporia High School girls track team. Karr was chosen to be coach of the Kansas All-State Cross-Country Team that represented Kansas in the Arkansas Tri-State Cross-Country Championships.

While at C. of E., Karr upgraded the track program and started a cross-country team. He then moved to Southwestern College where he won five league track and field championships and established a cross-country dynasty among Kansas small colleges. During his coaching career, Bob was voted as the Kansas Coach of the Year in both track and cross-country. Karr has been asked to speak at numerous track clinics around the country and has spent two years as president of the Kansas Track and Cross-Country Coaches Association. At age thirty-nine, Bob started running marathons and ran a total of fourteen with many under a time of three hours.

Kayser, Charles (Charlie)‚ 1964 ‚ Football, Meritorious Service

Having never played high school football at nearby Americus, Charles was nominated twice for All-Conference football honors at C. of E. He was the starting right offensive tackle his last three years. Charles participated in varsity basketball two years. He also lettered three years in track and four years in baseball. Kayser played on both the 1962 and 1963 football teams that were undefeated in the KCAC and played in two NAIA playoff bowls. Charlie was the driving force in organizing the football reunion in 2007 and is a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame committee.

Kiley, Joseph (Joe)‚ 1965 ‚ Football

Joe was picked as the All-Conference football center every season from 1961 through 1964. He was given the Outstanding Lineman Award for the 1964 season. Joe started on the KCAC championship teams of 1962 and 1963 and played in the two NAIA playoff bowls those years. Coach Bob Johnson said that Joe Kiley was one of the hardest working players that he ever coached. Joe followed his playing days with many successful years coaching football. One of his players was the famous quarterback Doug Flutie, 1984 Heisman Award winner and long-time pro.

Krupa, James ‚ 1966 ‚ Golf

Jim was a member of the conference champion golf teams of 1963 through 1965. With Bob Johnson as his coach, Krupa was an All-Conference selection in both his junior and senior years. He lettered four years and was the individual conference tournament medalist in 1966.

Kufahl, Loyd ‚ 1961 ‚ Football

Loyd Kufahl was a four year letterman and started every game at center from his sophomore year through his senior year. Kufahl was a hard nosed, dependable, and solid center that received KCAC All-Conference second team honors his junior year. Loyd was a big reason the Presbies were undefeated in conference play in 1959 and went on to win the Mineral Water Bowl game on a cold November night in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Kufahl said it was a great honor to play for the College of Emporia and he played with not only some great football players but just wonderful people to know and be around.

Lewis, Price ‚ 1940 ‚ Meritorious Service

Having graduated from C. of E., Price was an avid supporter of C. of E. and contributed to the athletic programs. He attended many games, participated in special events, and even provided part-time work to athletes. Dr. Lewis was a long-time member of the C. of E. Board of Regents as well as the operator of a very successful dental practice in Emporia.

Linhart, Bill ‚ 1968 ‚ Basketball

Bill lettered each of his three basketball seasons averaging 20.3 points per game. Linhart's 1,076 career points put him in third place in school history up to that time. Bill broke Charlie Dehlinger's long-standing single game scoring record with 41 points against Sterling College. After his senior season, he was recognized as the leading free-throw shooter with an 80-percent average and received the Dr.

Joseph R. Laughlin Athletic Award.

London, David ‚1965 ‚ Team Manager, Post-Graduate Honors

Dave's enthusiasm and sports interest endeared him to players and coaches as a very helpful team manager. In addition to serving as manager, he also lettered in cross country and track as well as playing one year of football. Following his rules and officiating class under Coach Bill Schnebel, London became recognized for his officiating excellence that he continues to the time of this writing in 2009. He officiated basketball, soccer, and lacrosse, as well as both high school and college football. In Pennsylvania Dave officiated numerous championship games and three state playoff games. He has officiated three NAIA playoff games including one semi-final championship game. Dave's most cherished award is the David Fawcett Award for the college official of the year in the Tri-State Conference. From 1976 through 2006 London had officiated NCAA football games including three NCAA playoff games and one semi-final championship game.

Martin, Loren ‚ 1971 ‚ Coach

Loren had extraordinary success coaching baseball for four seasons ending in 1971. In his first season the Presbies won the KCAC with an 11-1 record. In the NAIA playoffs College of Emporia eliminated Emporia State, winning two of three games and advancing to the Area 3 NAIA championship tournament at St. Joseph, Missouri. After winning games against Omaha University and William Jewell College, C. of E. lost two games to William Jewell, the eventual winner of the national championship. The next two years, Coach Martin's teams won second place in the conference losing only two games in 1969 and four in 1970. The 1971 season found the Presbies losing only four games while winning twelve and placing third in the conference. Coach Martin is proud that his 1971 team split two games with a powerful Emporia State team. Loren completed his C. of E. coaching career with a conference record of 45-11 and over-all record of 69-34.

Mathis, James (Jim)‚

1961 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

Mathis was a member of the 1959 KCAC championship football team and the Mineral Water Bowl squad. After playing both football and tennis at C. of E., Jim played competitive USTA tennis for over thirty years. He started the Leavenworth High School tennis team in 1967 and coached it for twenty-eight years. His teams won seven league championships; thirty-five of his players played in state tournaments. Mathis directed nearly 200 tennis tournaments and served twenty years on the Kansas High School Tennis Coaches Committee. For two years he was president. Jim has umpired professional tennis matches. In 1998 he was inducted into the Kansas High School Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame. In 2007 he was inducted into the Heart of America USTA Tennis Hall of Fame.

McCarty, Mike ‚ 1961 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

Mike earned three letters in football at C. of E. He was a member of the 1959 KCAC championship football team and the Mineral Water Bowl squad before going on to an outstanding coaching career. The Colorado High School Athletic Coaches Association recognized him as coach of the year in track for the 1979 through 1981 seasons. The National High School Coaches Association recognized him as a finalist for National Track Coach of the Year in both 1980 and 1983. McCarty was inducted into the Colorado Coaches Hall of Fame in 1994.

McClanahan, Royce ‚ 1964 ‚ Track

McClanahan was one of the best long-distance runners in C. of E. history. It was not unusual for Royce to run all the distance races within one meet. At the NAIA national meet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he ran the half-mile in 1:53.7. In 1961 at C. of E. McClanahan ran the mile in 4:16. Royce holds both the mile and half-mile records. He anchored the record-breaking mile relay team with Leroy Franklin, Ned O'Mara, and Tom Parsons. He was also on the record-breaking sprint medley relay team with Leroy Franklin, John Phillips, and Ned O'Mara. Royce was instrumental in leading the Presbies to the 1963 KCAC track championship.

McConnell, Wayne

1950-1955 ‚ Coach

Coach McConnell was hired as the head football coach at the start of the 1950 season and the next year brought the Presbies their first undefeated season since 1928. His 1951, 1953, 1954, and 1955 teams were Kansas Conference champions. Coach McConnell had a 17-game winning streak going into C. of E.'s first bowl game, the 1954 Mineral Water Bowl. Hastings College (Nebraska) narrowly won 20-17. After the 9-0-0 1955 season Coach McConnell left C. of E. to be head football coach at Fort Hays State College, finishing his time as one of the most successful football coaches in C. of E. history. McConnell's 1954 team holds an amazing NCAA Division II record at the time of this writing: Most Yards Rushing Per Game. The 1954 Presbies rushed for 3,643 yards over nine games to give them an average of 404.8 rushing yards per game. McConnell also led C. of E. to two KCAC conference track championships in 1954 and 1955.

Miller, Kenneth (Ken)‚

1960 ‚ Basketball

Ken lettered four years in both track and basketball, two years in baseball, and one year in football. He was captain of the basketball team in 1960 and president of the E-Club for 1959-60. Miller was a unanimous pick for the 1960 KCAC All-Conference basketball team and is tenth all-time in C. of E. basketball career scoring.

Mitchell, Jack

1959 ‚ Meritorious Service

Jack played lineman on some very good C. of E. football teams in the early 1950s, went into the service and then returned to C of E and graduated in 1959. He returned to C. of E. again in the mid-60s for a few years as Dean of Men. Following the closing of his alma mater, Jack taught at K.S.T.C. in Emporia. Mitchell was a strong supporter of our athletic program as well as being dedicated to the college as a whole and to the C. of E. Alumni Association. Jack has been an active officer and major contributor to the Alumni Association for over 25 years.

Moody, Carlton ‚ 1970 ‚ Football

Carlton lettered all four years in football and was a member of the 1966 KCAC co-championship team. Moody was a unanimous pick to the KCAC All-Conference team and made Honorable Mention on the NAIA All-America team.

Moore, Eldon ‚ 1964 ‚ Football

If someone were to ever compile a list of the greatest C. of E. football players of all time, Eldon would, no doubt, make this very distinguished list. He is one of the most respected players that ever donned football pads at C. of E. He was a starter all four years and missed very few plays since he was both a defensive linebacker and offensive left tackle. Eldon was named to the KCAC All-Conference team, the All-District 10 team, and also received NAIA All-American honors. Eldon was co-captain of the two undefeated football teams of 1962 and 1963. Eldon later played semi-professional football for the Denver Colts. He remembers playing against the Air Force Academy, against the inmates of Colorado State Prison, and against other semi-professional teams in Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

Morris, Bill ‚ 1960 ‚ Baseball

Following junior college, Bill lettered in both basketball and baseball at C. of E. Morris played on the 1960 championship baseball team that won the Kansas NAIA District 10 championship. In the championship game against Washburn University, Bill drove in the winning run. The team played to a third place finish in the Omaha NAIA regional tournament. After college Morris signed with the New York Yankees and played professional baseball in the Florida State and Western Carolina minor leagues. Returning to Kansas, Bill joined former C. of E. teammate Neal Isaacs to play semi-pro baseball with the always-powerful Service Auto Glass team of Wichita. That team won the National Semi-Pro Championship in 1964. Bill served eight years on the Kansas Baseball Association Board of Directors and was inducted into the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.

Muck, Steve ‚ 1958 ‚ Basketball

Steve lettered in both basketball and tennis during his four years as a fighting Presby. Not only did he letter each year, but after his freshman years he was recognized as honorable mention for the KCAC All-Conference Basketball team. Muck was picked for first team KCAC All-Conference Basketball team every succeeding year until he graduated. Muck finished fourth on the all-time C. of E. basketball scoring list with 1,280 points.

Nichols, Art ‚ 1961

Football, Basketball

Art transferred from a junior college to football and basketball success his two years at the College of Emporia. Art led the league and NAIA District 10 in basketball rebounding while helping to lead the Presbies to the 1960-61 KCAC basketball co-championship. Nichols was All-Conference in KCAC football and Honorable Mention All-American as well as being football co-captain. Art was a member of the 1959 KCAC championship football team and the winning Mineral Water Bowl team.

Nold, Terry ‚ 1971 ‚ Track

Terry was a member of the record-setting 880-yard relay team with Angelo Benevento, Vincenzo Benevento, and Francis Doerig in 1969.

O'Mara, Ned  1963  Track

Ned lettered one year in football and was one of the outstanding track performers in the KCAC. O'Mara ran in all the sprint events and on many relay teams for C of E. O'Mara lettered all three of his years on the track team and is on the school record holding mile relay team and sprint medley relay team. These relay teams consisted of the same four runners, Leroy Franklin, Tom Parsons, Royce McClanahan and O'Mara. The school record in the mile relay was 3:26.8 and the sprint medley relay time was 3:34.6 both set in 1962. Ned became a very successful high school and junior high school basketball coach, track coach and assistant football coach.

Ormosi, Otto ‚ 1970

Football, Post-Graduate Honors

Otto was the first soccer-style kicker in the KCAC. He set the NAIA field goal record in 1967 at fifty-four yards, and was the first kicker ever to be named to the KCAC first team. He also played on the 1966 co-championship team that placed eighteenth in national ranking. After trying out with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1970, Ormosi played the next eleven years with the Jersey Oaks of the New York Football Conference. He was named the conference's outstanding player in 1977. Otto started a long and successful coaching career in 1971 along with directing and owning All Star Soccer School for twenty years beginning in 1984. While coaching soccer at Raritan Valley Community College, he coached twelve All-Americans, thirty All-Conference players, and seventy-five All-Region players. In 1997 he was Coach of the Year in the Garden State Athletic Conference, New Jersey Coach of the Year in the College Soccer Association of New Jersey, and winner of the Region XIX Championship. Amazingly, in 1997 while coaching women's basketball at Raritan Valley, he was also the New Jersey Basketball Association Coach of the Year. He continues through the time of this writing (2009) as head soccer coach of Kutztown University, coaching three All-Americans and twelve All-Conference players

Ortiz, Joe ‚ 1960

Football, Post-Graduate Honors

While lettering in both football and baseball all four years, Joe was All-Conference in football two years and was Honorable Mention Little All-American. He played in two Mineral Water Bowls and had the longest touchdown run in Mineral Water Bowl history. He represented Kansas in the 1960 College Regional Baseball Series (NAIA) in Omaha, Nebraska. Ortiz is a long-time coach and sports official. His girls basketball team won the state championship in 1980 and he was then also coach of the year in his region. He has been honored for officiating American Legion baseball playoffs for twenty-five years in a row. The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) honored him for twenty-five years service as a football official. Joe has worked six state regional baseball tournaments.

Palmer, Les ‚ 1964 ‚ Team Manager

Les spent his college career as a very capable manager. He could be counted upon for leadership duties and yet had lots of fun as he went about his work. Perhaps he was nicknamed (the leg) not so much for his artificial leg from the knee down as for the fact that he could kick a mean field goal with that leg.

Panarese, Tony , 1974 ‚ Football

Tony, each of his four years at C. of E., started every game at middle linebacker and led the team in tackles. He was Honorable Mention NAIA All-American in 1972. He was captain of the 1973 football team making him the last captain of a C. of E. football team.

Parsons, Thomas (Tom)‚ 1962 ‚ Track, Post-Graduate Honors

Parsons was a member of the 1959 KCAC championship football team. In track Parsons was a member of the mile relay team that set the school record of 3:26.3 in 1962. After playing football, track, and golf for C. of E., Tom played armed services football and basketball in the United States Marine Corps. In later years, he played and coached baseball in the Roy Hobbs World Series (Senior Men). In 2006 Parsons played on the North Carolina State Over-50 Tennis Championship team.

Peebler, David ‚ 1966 ‚ Basketball

Dave lettered three years in basketball and was All-Conference honorable mention his senior year. He was a starter on the 1965 and 1966 teams averaging 10.5 points and seven rebounds per game. Dave's career following college includes a couple of years as a successful head basketball coach at Chase County High School and over twenty years of owning a sports video production business.

Perry, Dick ‚ 1951

Coach, Post-Graduate Honors

Dick Perry left his California home to letter four years in C. of E. basketball and two years each in football, baseball, and track. Following graduation, Perry coached high school basketball at Mayetta, St. Johns, and Hays, Kansas. Dick returned to his alma mater in 1956 to become the basketball and baseball coach. His second season in 1957-58 found the Presbies finishing second in the KCAC basketball standings. Perry returned to his home state‚Äôs Long Beach State University to be an assistant football and head basketball coach. Later, Coach Perry further distinguished his career as Athletic Director for the University of Southern California (USC). While in that position, his USC Trojans won 22 NCAA national championship titles. Those titles include the 1978 football championship, four straight NCAA men's track and field championships, four straight NCAA baseball championships, and national championships in tennis, swimming, and girls volleyball.¬† Dick Perry has been inducted into the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics and to the Long Beach Century Athletic Hall of Fame. Deceased October 26, 2014.  Age 85.

Phillips, John ‚ 1964

Football, Track

John was a powerful running back with the championship teams of the early 1960s. He possessed speed as well as power. Phillips was an All-Conference selection in football and a conference champion in track. He accomplished the rare feat on winning both the conference 100-yard dash and the conference shot put. John was a member of the record-setting sprint medley relay team in 1962 and set the C. of E. shot put record in 1964. John played on both the 1962 and 1963 KCAC championship football teams.

Rathman, Herman (Herm) ‚ 1964 ‚ Football, Basketball, Baseball

Entering the College of Emporia in 1960 as a freshman, Herman Rathman started as a halfback and flanker in football. In basketball he averaged 8.5 points a game on the KCAC co-championship team. In baseball he hit .355 while leading the team in RBI's. Rathman made first team all KCAC in football, basketball and baseball as a sophomore. In the 1961 football season he led the conference in scoring with twelve touchdowns and accounted for 1,194 yards on the 8-1 football team. During his sophomore basketball season, Herman led the conference in scoring averaging 16.7 points on the way to the KCAC Championship.¬† Rathman led the Presby baseball team that same year hitting .478. Coach Bob Johnson, in his over 20 years of coaching college basketball said, Herman Rathman was the best all-around athlete I ever recruited. Herman signed to play professional baseball in 1962 and was a minor league All-Star for three years before being called up with the Baltimore Orioles. A knee injury ended his baseball career, and he later became a pre-eminent softball player. In 1970, Herman became a slow-pitch star. He hit between 125-150 homeruns a year, played on four national championship teams, 16 state championship teams, and was selected softball All-American seven years. His nickname was Captain Crunch and was sometimes referred to as the Babe Ruth of slow-pitch softball. In August, 1983 at a home run contest at KC Royals Stadium prior to the game, five invited contestants were given 20 softball pitches. Herman hit five out of the stadium to win first place. Rathman was the first Kansas slow pitch player to be selected into the Kansas Softball Hall of Fame in 1994. In 2005 Rathman was inducted into the Leavenworth High School Athletic Hall of Fame in the inaugural Hall of Fame selection.

Reichardt, Floyd

1957 ‚ Basketball, Baseball

Floyd was one of the leaders of the basketball and baseball teams from 1953 through 1957. In both sports he was known for his outstanding defense. In basketball he started every game but one in his four-year career. He was named to the KCAC All-Conference Basketball Team his junior and senior years. He received his Masters Degree from Emporia State University and taught at Hoxie, Kansas, Campus High School, Wichita, and at Shawnee Mission North, South, and Northwest High Schools. At Hoxie Floyd coached Max Moss who was the starting point guard on the 1964 KSU Final Four team.

Rickard, Jack ‚ 1957

Track, Post-Graduate Honors

Jack played on the notable football teams of his era beginning with the 8-0 team of 1953, the 8-1 team of 1954 and on the 7-2 team of 1956. Jack was on the KCAC championship track teams of 1955 and 1956. Rickard teamed with Willie Gaines, Don Schroeder, and Norman Smith to set the mile relay record of 3:28.5 in 1955. That same year while competing at the KU Relays, he was on the NAIA record-setting sprint medley relay with Gaines, Smith, and Lloyd Elm. In his final year, Jack was on the 1957 mile relay team with Joe Bailey, Don Schroeder, and Tommy Coleman to further break the record at 3:28.0. Beginning in 1986, Jack has competed in the Arizona Senior Olympics and won 2009 Arizona State 400-yard dash in the 75-and-over group. He was the state 400 meter champion in 1996, 2003, and 2007. Jack Rickard designed the current Presby Pete.

Rinkel, William (Bill)

1961 ‚ Team Manager

Bill was a constant presence at C. of E. athletic events and practices for all four years of his college career. He found his talents appreciated as trainer, manager, cheerleader, referee, umpire, and baseball statistician. During his work with the football, basketball, baseball, and track teams, he shared many exciting and meaningful moments with athletes and coaches. Rinkel paid attention and found what he learned to be helpful later in middle school and high school coaching.

Rogers, Don ‚ 1955 ‚ Basketball

Don played basketball during his freshman year (1947-48) at Kansas State University¬†and then entered the U.S. Army for two years. Upon his return in 1950, he enrolled at C. of E. and joined the basketball team. At 6''4", he soon became a force on the team. As the leading scorer and rebounder on the 1950-51 team, he was featured in the Alla Rah with the following text: "The only returning letterman from the ''50-''51 season, Don showed the way to the new men by his outstanding all-round play. He led the team in scoring and rebounding and was the best clutch player on the floor. He has another year to perform for the Red and White.  Additionally, Don Rogers served the football team in his off-season as manager/trainer for those two years and occasionally scouted opposing teams for Coach Wayne McConnell. After completing his junior year, Don left school to spend two years teaching in the Scranton (Kansas) School System. He returned to the College of Emporia to graduate in 1955. He eventually earned his M. S. degree from Syracuse University and his EdD from the University of Nebraska. Now retired from Eastern Illinois University, he has spent his career in various levels of education in Kansas, Nebraska and in Illinois.

Rose, Glenn ‚ 1966 ‚ Basketball

Coach Bob Johnson described Glenn as being one of the hardest working basketball players that he ever coached. Glenn started on the C. of E. basketball teams of the mid-1960s and was a K.C.A.C. All-Conference selection for the 1965-66 season. Rose followed his playing career with a highly successful career of coaching basketball.

Sabol, Andy ‚ 1965 ‚ Golf

Andy was captain of the golf team from 1963 through 1965. Under Coach Bob Johnson, Andy led the team to first place finishes in the conference all three years. They also won the KCAC tournament championship both in 1963 and 1964.

Salazar, Alonzo ‚ 1962 ‚

Post-Graduate Honors

Alonzo played football during the 1958 through 1960 seasons. After three years in the Granto, New Mexico school system, he started a longer teaching and coaching stint at Saint Michaels High School in Santa Fe. His teams won seven consecutive wrestling championships and twelve tournament championships. For those accomplishments, he was featured in Sports Illustrated. Alonzo was athletic director at Saint Michaels for eight years, Robertson High School for two years, and Espanola High School for twelve years. In 1995 Salazar was inducted into New Mexico High School Activities Association Hall of Fame. A few months after that honor, he was inducted into the Saint Michaels Hall of Fame. In 2000 the New Mexico House of Representatives honored Alonzo Salazar as a champion of youth, students, and athletics.

Schnebel, William (Bill)‚

1964 ‚ Coach

Coach Schnebel set himself apart with an amazing series of football seasons and honors. His combined record was 61 wins, 21 losses, and 1 tie. He led the Fighting Presbies to three KCAC championships in '59, '62, and '63. His 1959 team played in the Mineral Water Bowl defeating Austin College 21 to 20. Schnebel‚Äôs undefeated conference seasons in '62 and '63 led to national NAIA rankings of fourth place both years and losing to the eventual champions in playoff bowls at Oklahoma City and in Minnesota‚'s Twins Stadium. His teams won second place in the conference in both 1956 and 1961. His Presbies won third place in his final 1964 season. Coach Schnebel was twice named NAIA District Coach of the Year. He was given the prestigious title of Knute Rockne Little All-American Coach of the Year in both 1959 and 1962.

Schoenlank, Claude ‚ 1963 ‚ Tennis

Claude won the KCAC tennis singles championship in both 1962 and 1963.  After attending medical school in Germany, he returned home to Staten Island, New York, to become head tennis professional for 27 years at Richmond Country Club while playing competitive tennis for 20 of those years. Schoenlank won the New York City Public Parks singles championship two times. He won the Staten Island closed tennis tournament in singles 20 times and won many men's doubles and mixed doubles. Claude has played against and with such players as Arthur Ashe, Chuck McKinley, Donald Dell, Illie Nastasi, Peter Fleming, and Ron Holmberg. He once won the Bermuda Open. Schoenlank is the only tennis player to be inducted into the Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame.

Schroeder, Don ‚ 1957 ‚ Track

Don lettered and starred in track in each of his four years. As a freshman he won second place in the KCAC high jump event. He won first place in the KCAC high jump throughout the rest of his C. of E. career and tied the high jump record. In his senior year Don was a member of the mile relay team of Jack Richard, Joe Bailey and Tommy Coleman, not only winning the mile relay but also establishing a new school record in a time of 3:28.0. Schroeder was a member of the 1955-56 KCAC league championship track team.

Shields, Terry ‚ 1968 ‚ Baseball

Terry lettered in football in 1966 and in baseball's 1967 and 1968 KCAC championship seasons. Shields played in the Omaha, Nebraska, NAIA baseball championship his junior season and pitched in the St. Joseph, Missouri, NAIA championship game his senior year. He was picked for the KCAC All-Conference baseball team in 1968.

Shupe, Ed ‚ Meritorious Service

Ed was a talented sports editor for the Emporia Gazette and also wrote many sports articles in the C. of E. newsletters. While he and his wife operated the C. of E. bookstore for many years, they saw two of their nieces come through as cheerleaders: the Burt sisters. Mr. Shupe was an avid C. of E. sports fan and attended most of the sporting events. He once wrote a lengthy article entitled 'C. of E. Athletics' that covered nearly 75 years of our history. His writing provided much of the information used by the Athletic Hall of Fame committee to create this booklet.

Simpson, Ray ‚ 1968 ‚ Basketball

Simpson started all four years on the varsity basketball team. He was the starting center on the 1965-66 KCAC basketball championship team that upset St. Benedicts in the playoffs before losing to Pittsburg State in Emporia's NAIA District 10 championship game. He was selected second team All-Conference. Ray played three years of C. of E. football and was a member of the 1966 KCAC Co-Championship football team. A knee injury prevented a fourth. Simpson returned to his hometown of Leavenworth to teach math and coach for 36 years. When Ray served as varsity assistant basketball coach in 1968, he became the town's first African-American coach. Ray was the high school's assistant football coach for 20 years and was head basketball coach at East Junior High School for 13 years and had three undefeated teams.

Skinner, Terry ‚ 1967 ‚ Football

Terry was a member of the last Presby KCAC championship football team in 1966. That year he was recognized as the first team All-Conference football center.

Smith, Gary ‚ 1964 ‚ Team Manager

Gary was a committed manager in several sports throughout his four years. He could be counted upon to bring his cheerful attitude to the service of the coaches, athletes, and fellow managers.

Snider, Tony ‚ 1954 ‚ Football

Tony Snider joined such players as Jay Hardesty, Bill Danenhauer, Ron Ebberts, and Harry Stromgren to bring Coach McConnell and C. of E. football success. Snider was a member of three undefeated KCAC championship football teams. As a tackle, Tony received All-Conference honors in both 1953 and 1954.

Sparks, John ‚ 1974 ‚ Baseball

John was an All-Conference selection in baseball.

Spencer, Dr. Harold ‚

Meritorious Service

For many years Dr. Harold Spencer was appreciated for his commitment to the college and for his service as team physician. His daughter Sharon and his son John, who was also a physician, both graduated from C. of E. Sharon is listed in the cheerleader section of this book. John was instrumental in organizing the memorabilia for the 2007 reunion.

Spinner, Robert ‚ 1972

Baseball, Football

Robert was All-Conference in baseball in 1972 and was also recognized as an All-Conference running back. Following the close of C. of E., Bob played baseball at Emporia State.

Stauffer, Bob

1959 ‚ Football, Baseball

Bob lettered all four years in both baseball and football. In 1958 he was the KCAC scoring champion in football and was co-captain with NAIA All-American Rusty Addleman. Stauffer was the only player unanimously selected by coaches to the Eastern Kansas College Baseball League All-Star Team. At the time he was playing centerfield and batting fourth with many multi-hit games. Bob followed his playing career with 32 years of coaching football and 48 years coaching track. During his coaching career, Stauffer enjoyed having his athletes hold Kansas track records in all three jumping events: long jump, high jump, and triple jump.

Stauffer, Gene ‚ 1974 ‚ Coach

As C. of E.'s last basketball coach, Coach Stauffer continued with the same success that was his as a Kansas State player and as the Salina (Kansas) High School basketball coach. Seven of his eight seasons were with winning records as he won one KCAC championship and three Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC) championships. Gene was inducted into the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association (KBCA) Hall of Fame in 2000.

Stevens, James Lloyd ‚ 1954 ‚ Golf

Stevens won three straight KCAC league golf medalist titles in 1952, ‚'53, and ‚'54. In 1953 he led the Presbies to a tie for the KCAC league team championship. In 1954 he teamed with Charles Thompson to win the two-man title.

Stromgren, Harry "Bus"

1955 ‚ Football

Coming from little Michigan Valley High School where he never had the chance to play football, Harry Stromgren became a big part of the nucleus of the great C. of E. powerhouse teams during the early fifties. As a freshman he became a starter at guard along with Ron Ebberts. Along with Bill Danenhouer and Tony Snider at tackle, this fearsome foursome were the line that produced three straight undefeated KCAC championship football teams and played in the 1954 Mineral Water Bowl game. Bus was a four-year letterman in football and received conference honors his senior year. He also lettered in basketball two years and baseball four years giving him 10 letters in his college career.  Stromgren coached football one year at Hamilton High School before going into the military service and then coached football at Abilene High School for ten years before moving into administration.

Stromgren, Tom  

1958 ‚ Post-Graduate Honors

Tom lettered two years in football and two years in baseball before embarking on a successful athletic coaching, administrative, and business career. Following his high school coaching years at Solomon and Herington, Kansas, he went to Emporia High school where he turned a non-win football school into a school with 3 wins in 1964. For the EHS students this was a successful year. He moved on to coach two football seasons at C. of E. where he compiled a record of 13-4-1; one of those seasons was the 1966 championship season. Then, Coach Stromgren moved to the head football position at Fort Hays State University for three years before becoming Athletic Director. In that capacity Tom was pleased to see the basketball team win 103 of 112 games while winning two NAIA championships. Stromgren was inducted into the Fort Hays State Sports Hall of Fame in 2002. After witnessing a serious knee injury of a 1960s C. of E. athlete, Coach Stromgren started working on an idea for a protective knee brace. During the 1980s, he began working on the idea again and started Stromgren Sports, Inc., which specialized in sports medicine products. That company became a multi-million dollar international company that employed over 100 people in Hays, Kansas. Tom sold the company and retired in 1991.

Swartz, Ronald (Ron)‚

1967 ‚ Football

Ron started all four years and played on the two conference championship teams of 1963 and 1966. He was first team All-Conference guard three seasons, and in his senior year was selected to the NAIA All-District 10 team. After teaming with his brother Bill at C. of E. and with his cheerleading sister Diane, Ron was called to military service. While in the service, he joined several former NFL players on the Fort Carson football team to win the Red Diamond Bowl Army Championship. Ron was selected to the Fort Carson All-Star Offensive Football Team in 1968 and was team captain that year.

Swartz, William (Bill)‚

1966 ‚ Football

Bill Swartz started all four years playing guard on offense and tackle on defense on some of the greatest College of Emporia football teams. He was a member of the two undefeated Kansas Conference football teams of 1962-63 that were ranked fourth in the nation. The '63 team set an NAIA record on total offense. Swartz was also the kicker on the Presby football team. In his four years Bill kicked 135 extra points, kicked nine field goals and scored a touchdown on a tackle eligible play. Swartz scored 168 points for the football team in his four years. The 135 extra points established a new NAIA national record that stood for over 20 years. Swartz was voted first team all-conference three years and voted to the District 10 first team which made him honorable mention little All-American. Swartz signed a football contract with the Los Angeles Rams and in a pre-season game injured his knee which prevented him from playing professional football. Swartz then went into teaching and was a junior high school football coach in California before returning to his hometown Leavenworth, Kansas, to teach math and assist in coaching football for over 20 years.

Switzer, Jim ‚ 1964 ‚ Football, Track

Jim is one of the great fullbacks in C. of E. history. He started at fullback every year and was named first team All-Conference both his junior and senior years. Switzer ran for a total of 2,693 yards and set an NAIA scoring record with 28 touchdowns and 168 points. Jim played on the great teams of the early 1960s and in the two post-season NAIA playoff games. In 1963 Jim ran for 28 touchdowns, 168 points, and an average of 18.7 points per game. At the time of this writing, Jim Switzer is in eighth place on the NCAA Division II record list for the most points scored in a season. Jim also lettered four years in track and holds the javelin record.

Switzer, Richard (Dick)‚ 1964 ‚

Post-Graduate Honors

After playing football at C. of E. during some of it's most illustrious years, Switzer's coaching accolades are perhaps too lengthy for a publication such as this, and he's not yet done at the time of this writing (2009). He has taught school and coached various sports at Hunter, Sylvan Grove, Natoma, Bennington, Mankato and Concordia. When he was inducted into the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association (KCBA) Hall of Fame in 2000, he had a basketball coaching record of 310-96, had taken six girls teams and one boys team to state tournaments, had a forty-seven game winning streak with girls teams, coached many AAU boys and girls teams, and served as headliner speaker at many basketball clinics and camps. Dick has been recognized as Coach of the Year three times by KBCA, as well as by The Salina Journal and the Topeka Daily Capital. The Kansas Coaches Association has honored him as Girls' Coach of the Year and nominated him for National Girls' Coach of the Year. The Salina Journal has recognized him as the Girls' Coach of the Decade. He is a past president of the KBCA. Switzer coached football for over twenty years and once turned a school's 0-42 record into a state playoff record. While coaching that team, he coached cross-country in the mornings to the third place finish at the state meet. In track, Dick has been associated with nine state championship teams, coached fourteen state champions in the hurdles, and coached over thirty state champions in sprints and relays.

Taylor, Larry ‚ 1960 ‚ Football, Baseball, Post-Graduate Honors

Larry started three years on the football team, started three years on the basketball team, and started four years on the baseball team. Taylor was All-Conference in football and played on the 1959 KCAC league football championship team as well as the winning Mineral Water Bowl team of 1959. He played on the 1960 District 10 championship baseball team that played in the NAIA regional baseball tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. Following graduation, Larry taught mathematics and coached football at Campus High School in Wichita for two years then coached and taught for thirty-eight more years at Shawnee Mission North High School. While head football coach at Shawnee Mission North High School for fifteen years, he had phenomenal success winning six state championships and seven Sunflower League championships. He was assistant coach on the Shawnee Mission North track team for eight years and coached one of his 330-yard hurdlers to a national high school record. Coach Larry Taylor has been honored by induction into the Shawnee Mission North Hall of Fame and the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) Hall of Fame. The football field at Shawnee Mission North High School is now named Larry Taylor Field.

Thomas, Howard ‚ Meritorious Service

Howard was a strong supporter of C. of E. athletics for many years and provided summer employment for many of the C. of E. athletes.

Thomas, Phil ‚(Tomgo) ‚ 1968 ‚ Baseball

Phil came from Tonganoxie, Kansas, to play defensive end on the football team and to pitch on the baseball team. During his two years at C. of E., Thomas excelled as a hard-throwing right-handed pitcher playing on the 1966 undefeated 10-0 team and the 1967 11-1 team. Both teams were league champions and the 1967 team won the Kansas District and made it to the finals of the NAIA regional in St. Joseph, Missouri. That team lost 4-3 to the eventual NAIA national champion, William Jewell College. Phil, a two-time All-State American Legion pitcher, was drafted by the San Francisco Giants and later played semi-pro baseball in Wichita, Kansas.

Tibbetts, Jim ‚ 1970 ‚ Baseball

Tibbetts, from Leavenworth High School, was a first-team consensus All-State basketball player who began his collegiate career with a basketball scholarship to the University of Kansas. Upon transferring the next year to C. of E., Jim started on the 1966-67 conference co-championship team. In addition to basketball, he was one of the outstanding starting pitchers on the 1968 championship baseball team that played in the NAIA regional tournament. He was an All-Conference selection with a 3-1 pitching record with an ERA of 1.42. After being scouted by several major league teams, Tibbetts was drafted by the United States Army. Later, he pitched for the Leavenworth Braves, a semi-professional baseball team.

Tresky, Richard (Rich)‚ 1965 ‚ Football

Rich lettered four years in football and participated one year in track. Tresky played well at several positions: quarterback, offensive end, defensive safety, and punter. He had a 45-yard average as punter and was nationally ranked in pass receptions along with Marv Williamson. He earned both offensive and defensive selections on All-Conference teams. He played on the 1962 and 1963 undefeated teams and in the NAIA playoff games in Oklahoma and Minnesota. During his four years at C. of E., the football team lost only three regular season games.

Tubbs, Manly ‚ 1963 ‚ Track

In 1963 Manly was the KCAC conference champion in both the 100-yard dash and the 120-yard high hurdles. Tubbs holds the C. of E. record in the high hurdles, (14.7) low hurdles, (24.0) and shares the record in the 100-yard dash (9.7) with Willie Gaines.  In 1963 he was a member of the KCAC track championship team. 

Upstill, Bruce , 1964 ‚ Football

Recruited as a baseball player and never having played high school football, Bruce helped reignite a C. of E. football dynasty with his throwing prowess at quarterback. In the middle of his first season, he became a starter and excelled in every game until he suffered a knee injury near the end of his senior season. Bruce was All-Conference in the KCAC and held many C. of E., KCAC, and NAIA records. Upstill's junior and senior seasons were the two undefeated seasons of 1962 and 1963. Both seasons ended with NAIA national rankings of fourth place. His C. of E. records still standing include most passes attempted, most passes completed, yards gained in a single game, most yards gained in a season, and most yards gained in a career. Bruce finished his career as the NAIA record holder for career yards passing (7,070) and most yards gained on total offense (7,252). In 2009, NCAA Division II records list Upstill in the top twenty-five quarterbacks of all time.

Vernon, Bob ‚ 1963 ‚ Track

Bob, once a nationally ranked discus thrower, holds the school record in the discus throw, which he set in 1962. Bob also played football for the Presbies.

Wall, Larry ‚ 1972 ‚ Football

Larry earned All-Conference recognition as a football linebacker and punter. Following the closing of C. of E., Wall played football at Emporia State.

Watson, Al ‚ 1963 ‚ Football

Al finished his New Jersey high school football career by being selected to play in the state‚Äôs first all-star game. Following two years at Independence Junior College, Watson proved to be an outstanding C. of E. linebacker. His two years of C. of E. football include starting on the undefeated 1962 team and being an All-Conference selection. Al maintained his commitment to athletics with 40 years of teaching and coaching.

Weng, Pete ‚ 1962 ‚ Basketball

Pete was an outstanding basketball player under Coach Bob Johnson. Weng was a member of the 1961 and 1962 KCAC co-championship teams. Weng led the 1962 team with a 19-point scoring average and was an All-Conference selection. He finished fourth on the all-time career average list with 16.9 points per game. Weng also was a member of the 1959 KCAC Championship football team and Mineral Water Bowl Champions.

White, Jim ‚ 1970 ‚ Baseball

Jim White enrolled at the College of Emporia following a stellar sports career at Lansing, KS. Visits from baseball coach Neil Crane and football coach Tom Stromgren convinced White he should continue his sports career at C. of E.  A great career Jim had at C. of E. As a freshman in the fall of 1966 White started every game except the first game at McPherson. He was on the last KCAC co-championship football team for C. of E. when the team came from 20 points behind to defeat Southwestern in the final game of the season. In 1967 following the resignation of Coach Stromgren, the team struggled to reach the level of success the team had in 1966. The 1968 and 1969 football seasons were disappointing, as the success of 1966 was never duplicated. Jim received KCAC honorable mention following the 1968 season.

The spring of 1967 Jim shared starting time on the Presby baseball team as catcher. The ''67 season was an exciting spring as the young Presbies improved throughout the season and ended the season as KCAC runner-up. In the spring of 1968 Presby baseball became the talk of the state. Jim was the starting catcher and the team won the KCAC championship and the District 10 championship, beating state powers Emporia State, Fort Hays State, and Washburn University for the right to represent Kansas in the NAIA Regional tournament at Omaha, NE. The 1969 baseball season was every bit as successful and exciting as the 1968 year. Once again the Presbies won the KCAC championship and beat cross-town rival Emporia State twice to win the District 10 state championship and a trip to the NAIA regional at St. Joseph, MO.  The Presbies won three straight games, before William Jewell, a team C. of E. had beaten earlier, came back to beat the Presbies twice to advance to the national tournament which Jewell won. White was first team All-Conference and honorable mention District 10 catcher. White taught, coached, and was a principal and superintendent in Kansas schools for 37 years. He retired as superintendent at Baldwin City, KS in 2007.

Wilcox, Jim ‚ Meritorious Service

Jim, a successful insurance business owner, was an exuberant and generous supporter of C. of E. athletics.  A long series of football players will remember him as part of a group that provided cold watermelon after a hot early-season football practice. Jim made it a practice to hire athletes for a variety of odd jobs.

Williamson, Marv (Poison Ivy)‚ 1964 ‚ Football

Marv (a.k.a. Poison Ivy) was one of the most exciting players to wear the red and white football uniform. His motivation and leadership helped the Presbies game after game in 1962 and 1963 to two perfect 10-0 records. His stats show that he was Bruce Upstill's favorite receiver those two years. One coach stated, ‚"Just get the ball within five yards of Marv and he will catch it." That he did; he finished his college career as one of the leading receivers in NAIA competition. His yards received and total catches established school records. Williamson was All-Conference in both his junior and senior seasons and played in both the 1962 and 1963 post-season playoff games. He was first team All-KCAC and All-District 10 his junior year. His most memorable feat was in 1963 when he received an almost unbelievable pass from a falling Bruce Upstill to receive the winning touchdown catch in the end zone to defeat Ottawa University. Players from that era still refer to it as "the catch."

Young, Jim ‚ 1974 ‚ Basketball

Young was a starter on the basketball team for three years and was selected two years straight to the Heart of America All-Conference basketball first team. After his junior year he was voted honorable mention NAIA All-American. He teamed with Charles Golson to give C. of E. the famous one-two scoring punch with the team scoring a school record 2,233 points for an average of 85.8 points per game in 1972. Jim was fifth on the all time C. of E. scoring list with 1,195 points. Had C. of E. not closed its doors early in his senior season, he may have wound up as the all-time leading scorer in C. of E. history.

Zecco, Charlie ‚ 1972 ‚ Baseball

Charlie was the leading hitter on the 1968 conference champion baseball team. He had a batting average of .328 and was named to the All-Conference team. The team finished the season with an 11-1 record and played in the District 10 playoff game. That team defeated Emporia State University and then played in the NAIA Regional tournament in St. Joseph, Missouri.



1913 Football ‚ conference champions


1918 Football ‚ undefeated conference champions (6-0)


1919 Football‚ undefeated (8-0)


1925 Football ‚ undefeated (8-0)


1927 Football ‚ conference champions (7-1)


1928 Football ‚ undefeated, untied, never scored upon (8-0)


1930 Tennis ‚ CIC Team Tennis Champions


1937 Track ‚ KCAC Champions


1950 Baseball ‚ KCAC Champions


1951 Football ‚ undefeated (9-0)


1953 Baseball ‚ KCAC Champions


1953 Football ‚ undefeated (8-0)


1953 Golf ‚ KCAC Champions


1954 Baseball ‚ KCAC Champions


1954 Track ‚ KCAC Champions


1954 Football ‚ undefeated regular season, Mineral Water Bowl (8-1)


1955 Football ‚ undefeated (9-0)


1959 Football ‚ KCAC Champions, won Mineral Water Bowl (9-1)


1960 Baseball ‚ NAIA District 10 Champions


1961 Basketball ‚ KCAC Co-Champions


1962 Basketball ‚ KCAC Co-Champions


1962 Football‚ KCAC Champions, undefeated in regular season, NAIA bowl appearance, finished 4th in national NAIA rankings (9-1)


1963 Football, KCAC Champions, undefeated in regular season, NAIA bowl appearance, finished 4th in national NAIA rankings (8-1)


1963 Golf ‚ KCAC Champions


1963 Track ‚ KCAC Champions


1964 Golf ‚ KCAC Champions


1965 Golf ‚ KCAC Champions


1966 Basketball ‚ KCAC Champions (first outright basketball championship in school history)


1966 Football ‚ KCAC Co-Champions (8-1)


1967 Baseball ‚ NAIA Playoffs


1968 Basketball ‚ KCAC Co-Champions


1968 Baseball ‚ NAIA Playoffs


1972 Basketball ‚ Heart of America League Champions


1973 Basketball ‚ Heart of America League Champions

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